Spain: Laura Valenzuela died in Madrid aged 92

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Sad news are coming from the Iberian peninsula. As reported in Spanish media, actress and TV host Laura Valenzuela died today in Madrid aged 92. She hosted Eurovision 1969 at Teatro Real in the Spanish capital.

Spanish press is covering the death of Laura Valenzuela, host of the Eurovision Song Contest 1969. Actress and TV host, she was one of the most prominent personalities of the small screen in the 60s and 70s in Spain. On top of her success in television shows she appeared in more than 30 movies. Rocío Laura Espinosa López-Cepero, her civil name, died peacefully at La Princesa Hospital in Madrid.

About Eurovision 1969

On 29 March 1969 Laura Valenzuela hosted the 14h edition of the Eurovision Song Contest at Teatro Real in Madrid. This edition is historic as it saw the victory of four countries, all tied in the first place in 18 points. The United Kingdom, the Netherlands, France and Spain came on top of the ranking, which at the time was solely determined by a handful of judges across the participating countries. It was the second and last – up to date – victory for Spain who was represented by Salomé (Vivo cantando).

Furthermore, this edition is also famous for its poster created by Salvador Dalí, and for its organisation under Franco’s regime. It was only the second time Eurovision was broadcasted in colour.

Photo credit: RTVE