Romania: Eurovision participation hanging in the air: final decision on 25 January

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TVR, the Romanian national broadcaster, is yet to make a final decision regarding Romania’s Eurovision 2024 participation. The broadcaster’s Board of Directors will convene next week to vote on the matter.

A total of 37 countries are set to compete at the forthcoming Eurovision 2024 edition in Malmo, whilst the EBU has granted an extension to TVR and Romania to finalise the requirements for participation. The deadline for TVR to make its final decision is fast approaching as the Eurovision 2024 Semi-final Allocation Draw is scheduled to be held on Tuesday 30 January.

According to local Romanian news platform FANATIK, the Romanian national broadcaster’s Board of Directors are set to make a final decision on the Romanian 2024 Eurovision participation on Thursday 25 January when they will vote on this matter.

FANATIK goes on to report that TVR has yet to settle the Eurovision 2024 participation if it wishes to compete at this year’s edition. This fee amounts to circa 180,000 euros and a potential Eurovision participation will be a costly affair for the Romanian broadcaster. Apart from the participation fee TVR has to cover the travel and accomodation expenses to Malmo for the Romanian act and delegation, the staging and production costs , national final costs, promotion costs etc.

TVR’s General Director gave the following comment to FANATIK:

We will have a board meeting on January 25. We have a reprieve from the European Broadcasting Union to give a final answer until the end of this month. We will have the board meeting. There it will submit to the vote. This is not a decision for me to make alone.

It’s a decision that has to be put to a vote because it involves some big costs, there are big costs. It is a decision that will be taken by open vote by all 13 members of the Board of Directors. On the 25th, the decision will be put to the vote and after that we will announce. That’s the day when the decision is made by the board as a whole.

As published by the EBU a total of 37 countries are set to compete at the 2024 Eurovision Song Contest, if Romania confirms its participation the number of competing countries at Eurovision 2024 will increase to 38.

Romania in Eurovision

Romania debuted at the Eurovision Song Contest in 1994 and is yet to win the compeitition. The country achieved its best results in our beloved show in 2005 with Luminita Anghel and in 2010 with Paula Seling and Ovi when it placed 3rd in the Grand Final.

Romania has competed 23 times in the competition.

In 2023 Theodor Andrei represented Romania at the Eurovision Song Contest with his entry ‘D.G.T (Off and On)’.

Photo credit: EBU