Riki Sorsa releases his last songs

by Ilari Karhapää 138 views

Riki Sorsa (Finland 1981 with Reggae Ok) has won the fight against cancer at least for now. He was diagnosed with throat cancer in spring 2006 at the age of 54 and spent most of the year undergoing heavy treatment that left him voiceless and nearly deaf, but with his sense of humour intact. Besides his voice he lost 15 kilos. He also made a brave move in opening a blog on his website where anyone interested was able to follow his fight with its ups and downs. Unexpectedly, his blog was read by thousands daily and he gave a face to the illness that touches so many every day.

Riki was diagnosed with the illness when he was starting to record a new album but only two songs were ready before he had to stop and now those songs are finally available on an album Haltuus annan sydämein – 18 balladia that was released last month. It includes, as the title suggests, 18 ballads from his career creating this unique CD.

Riki Sorsa has participated in the Finnish Euroviisut four times performing five songs, all of which have reached the top-4. In 1981 he debuted as a solo singer in Finnish after being a lead singer in various bands singing in English. He won with Reggae ok. He only reached a typically Finnish 16th place in Dublin but the single charted later in various European countries. In 1985 was a runner up to Sonja Lumme with Haaveissa vainko oot mun (written by a new comer Kari Kuivalainen who would win in 1986) and scored a huge hit with it. He also sung Lapset maailman with Ami Aspelund reaching 4th place that year. In 1991 he performed Viimeinen tie and gained 3rd place and the year after Silmiisi sun that came 4th.

In his blog, Riki writes with enthusiasm about the Eurovision 2007 in Helsinki. He was very pleased YLE remembered and involved the old Finnish Eurovision singers, and says he felt like in a class reunion when meeting so may fellow competitors and fans from all over Europe who still remember him. He also says he is very proud of being one of those who has had the chance to sing in Eurovision and points an accusing finger against the Finnish media who used to slaughter each and every participant after the usual failure. Thankfully, things have changed now!These days he is slowly getting back to normal life and looking for a job. “I have sung my songs, can’t do it anymore. But there are many things I could do. I want to work. If nothing else, this experience has changed my life. I can now see what is really important in life, what matters” he concludes.

You can visit Riki's website here. (in Finnish)

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