Turkey: maNga in the USA

by Stephane London 1,687 views

Lately, Turkish band, maNga, has enjoyed some success in the United States with the release of their first album combining songs in English and Turkish. The band performed 3 concerts on both sides of the country, in New York and Los Angeles and they are inviting today people to listen to their new songs and chill with them in LA.

CNN took the opportunity to interview the band. maNga mentioned that they had been working on their new album for the last 3 years. The band felt that the English language was fitting the structure of some new songs perfectly and since it was a project they have had in mind for years, therefore they decided to release an album with songs not only in Turkish but in English as well.

The band is also very grateful to have faithful fans in LA (where the interview took place) and they are proud to export and represent Turkish music across the globe and especially in a city full of international music talents.

MaNga gained huge international exposure in 2010, after representing Turkey at the 55th Eurovision Song Contest in Oslo. The band finished 2nd, behind Germany, and confirmed their increasing popularity in Turkey but also exported their music across the continent and was invited for promotion in different countries like Norway and Denmark. The Eurovision Song Contest was the best platform to promote their music after racking a year earlier the MTV European Music Award for best European act.

Pictures of their New York show.

maNga latest music video Fly to stay alive:


maNga‘s performance of We could be the same at the 55th Eurovision Song Contest: