Luxembourg: Lara Fabian cancels concert in Uzbekistan over polemics

by Yann Messina 699 views

Belgian superstar Lara Fabian, who represented Luxembourg in Dublin in 1988, is currently touring the world with her new album Le secret, promoted by the music video of the latest single Danse. The diva was supposed to sing in Tashkent, the capital city of the former USSR-State of Uzbekistan, this weekend but cancelled her appearance following harsh criticisms coming from a French NGO. 
As with Russia and Belarus, Uzbekistan is known for its strong political regime giving very little space to basic human rights. Lara Fabian is very popular in such countries and is due to perform in the region within the frame of her new international tour. However, following an official statement by the French NGO ACAT (Christian Action for the Abolition of Torture) reproaching Lara Fabian to sing during a concert organised by the daughter of Uzbek President Islom Karimov meant to promote the country and its regime on October 27, the singer chose to cancel her appearance.

The ACAT denounces the fact that Lara Fabian, who is a UNICEF ambassador standing very regularly for the human rights, accepted to serve the Uzbek regime which is associated to a dictatorship. Yesterday, the singer who had to cancel another concert in France due to a problem to her inner ear, reacted to the polemics: “My immediate reaction was to write to my team in Eastern Europe and inform everyone that given the circumstances I did not want to sing thus cancelling my appearance”.

Chocked and hurt by the political amalgam, the singer reaffirmed her principles and the causes she supports: For more than 25 years, I have always tried to convey messages of love, peace and tolerance in my songs. I am chocked that one can believe I can support a regime which does not respect the human rights. I would like to stress out that there is a big difference to me between singing in a festival organised by a member of a government which does not respect the human rights and singing in a country which has a government that does not respect the human rights. However, the singer concludes stating that her job as a singer is to sing and entertain people even if they are oppressed…