Denmark’s Emmelie sings about Love, war and peace

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In our series of interviews of the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest we have arrived in Denmark and are talking to Emmelie De Forrest the 2013 Danish representative.

How does it feel to be representing Denmark at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest?
It is an honor to represent my country and I am so excited to participate in the biggest European music contest – I can’t wait.

Can you tell us more about your song Only teardrops? And what is the story behind the performance of your song in the Danish National Final?
The song is about love, war and peace either in a relationship or love, war and peace in the world. I got introduced to the song through my publisher and I immediately loved it. I did a demo on the song and the songwriters liked my version. They sent it in and it was selected by Danmarks Radio to participate in the Danish Melodi Grand Prix.

Only teardrops is currently the bookies’ favourite to win Eurovision this year. How does this make you feel and what would you do if you won?
It makes me so happy that people have received my song Only teardrops and I think the song is fantastic. But I also know that there are other great singers in the competition but I will hope for the best.

Have you heard any other Eurovision entries this year? Which ones are your personal favourites and why?
I try not to listen too much to all the other songs – I am afraid that it will make me nervous!

What should we expect from your performance in Malmo?
I cannot reveal it all yet but one thing I can tell you is that it is going to be a great show!

What will be you be doing as preparation for Eurovision, both in the coming months and actually on the night of your performance?
I am so excited and I have started running and getting a good shape and I try to get a good night sleep and then I just practice, practice and practice!

Are you usually a fan of the Eurovision Song Contest? And what are your all-time favourite Eurovision entries?
Yes, I am a big fan and have followed the song contest since I was a little girl. I remember many great songs but my all time favorite song is the Danish song Dansevise from 1963 – I really enjoy listening to that song.

Finally, do you have a message for readers of
Hi all. I really hope you like my song Only teardrops. I look forward to performing for you all in Malmo!
All the best,

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