Russia: Dina Garipova’s dream comes true

by Sanjay (Sergio) Jiandani 341 views

Dina Garipova’s dream has come true. The 2013 Russian representative will be performing with Josh Groban in Moscow.

Dina Garipova was selected via an internal selection to represent Russia at the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest. She will fly the Russian flag in Malmo with her song What If.

Dina’s Dream

When someone asked Dina Garipova who her favorite singer was, the answer always appeared the same. Extremely popular Adele or adorable Whitney Houston, who both influenced Dina’s music a lot, used to be mentioned in the list of favorites, but they still followed American musician Josh Groban.

That’s why when his new world tour was announced Dina Garipova  decided to attend one of his shows. However, her own  promo-tour in April and schedule, fully booked until July,  let no possibility for the Russian singer to experience and witness a live performance of the American artist.

Dina was quite upset and dissapointed until  she received a call from her management, who  informed her that the negotiations with the organizers of Groban’s European tour had  led to the opportunity for Dina not only to attend  Josh’s concert, but also to sing together with him. Yet a  big problem remained, Dina had a full schedule ahead of her and she would only be able to perform with Josh on one of her days off, which coincided on 19 May, the day after the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest grand final. Hence Dina decided to sacrifice her day off and confirmed her attendance at Josh’s concert!

From the very beginning I thought it was a joke,Garipova says, –I have talked about Josh Groban and his music  so often, that I thought  that my team was playing a joke me. When I realized it was true, I wasso happy and  delighted . I started jumping with joy. As I had so many activities planned and scheduled in coming months, I couldn’t even think of attending Josh’s shows. Of course  I never ever  imagined that I might become a part of it. I am more than happy and honoured  and feel like one my  of my biggest  dreams has come true!

A few days after  the bilateral cooperation between the two singers was  confirmed, Josh Groban made an announcement on his official website:  Just after the Eurovision Final, on 19 May Dina Garipova will perform in Josh Groban’s concert at one of the biggest concert halls in  Moscow concert Crocus City Hall. You can check it here.

I have started to prepare for this performance, but mainly in my mind, – Dina continues – Right now everything is dedicated to Eurovision. It has also been my dream to participate in this amazing contest once and if I receive such a chance, I am going to do my best to showcase and present my song and performance to the European audience. 

What if- Russian 2013 Eurovision entry

Russia debuted at the 1994 Eurovision Song Contest in Dublin with Youdiph’s Vechni Stranik, and has graced the Eurovision stage 16 times. Since the year 2000 Russia has been in the final every year, and taken silver thrice (2000,2006 and 2o12) and bronze twice (2003, 2007) as well. Russia won Eurovision gold in 2008  when Dima Bilan triumphed in Belgrade with Believe and gave Russia the honour of hosting the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow.

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