Netherlands: Joost Klein’s “Europapa” Takes Europe by Storm: can it win Eurovision?

by Sanjay (Sergio) Jiandani 4,733 views

Dutch Eurovision 2024 hopeful, Joost Klein is all set to represent the Netherlands at the forthcoming 2024 Eurovision Song Contest in Malmo with his entry ‘Europapa’, the song has gone viral both at home and overseas. 

Move over windmills and tulips, there’s a new Dutch export taking Europe by storm: Joost Klein‘s infectious Eurovision entry “Europapa.” The song, a pulsating blend of melancholy and joy, has become an internet sensation, racking up views and sparking dance challenges across the continent.

Klein, a rising star known for his poetic lyrics and genre-bending sound, isn’t your typical Eurovision contestant. “Europapa” is a deeply personal story about an orphan’s journey of self-discovery across Europe. The song’s title, a playful twist on “Papa” (Dad), is a tribute to Klein’s father, who instilled in him a boundless worldview.

The song’s virality isn’t just about the emotional lyrics. The music video, a vibrant explosion of color and movement, perfectly complements the song’s energy. The inclusion of happy hardcore legend DJ Paul Elstak adds a unique Dutch flavor that’s resonating with audiences worldwide.

So, can “Europapa” propel the Netherlands to Eurovision glory? currently has the Netherlands sitting pretty at fifth place, with only Croatia, Ukraine Italy and Switzerland ahead of them. While competition is fierce, the song’s undeniable catchiness and the outpouring of online support suggest the Netherlands might just be in the running to take home the trophy this year.

One thing’s for certain: Joost Klein and “Europapa” have injected a jolt of excitement into Eurovision 2024. Whether they win or not, they’ve already carved their place in Eurovision history with a song that’s both deeply personal and guaranteed to get you moving.

Check out Joost Klein’s live performance of ‘Europapa’ below: