Lisbon Bound: Belgium is next up to rehearse today

by Stratos Agadellis 2,018 views

SENNEK (aka Laura Groeseneken) from Belgium is the 4th Eurovision act to appear onstage for her first rehearsal. A matter of time is yet another competing ballad, which seems to be high on the bookers’ preferences.

In the short story video published on Eurovision’s official Instagram page, SENNEK has taken the stage, dressed in a black partially see-through dress, with the cameras focussed close-up to the singer’s face, before panning out to see the Belgian artist on the catwalk portion of the stage.

First look at Belgium’s first rehearsal for Eurovision 2018

Lights flash throughout the Belgian performance, although seemingly slightly mismatched with the actual music itself. However this is a first rehearsal, so changes can be seen in the future rehearsals.

Vocals are good from SENNEK during the artist’s first rehearsal, with improvements expected in the upcoming rehearsals; a simplistic performance from Belgium for 2018.

Official first rehearsal clip of Belgium 2018

Belgium’s first rehearsal in images

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Rehearsing next at the Altice Arena is Mikolas Josef from the Czech Republic, who aspires to entertain the Eurovision audience with his electropop entry Lie to me.

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