Armenia 2018

Sevak Khanagyan - Qami

Artist: Sevak Khanagyan
Song Title: Qami
Participating Year: 2018
Show: Eurovision Song Contest 2018 Semi-final 1 (2nd Half)

About Sevak Khanagyan

Sevak Khanagyan is a Russian-Armenian singer. His love for music began from a very young age, as he used to attend a music school and take synthesizer and accordion lessons from the age of 7. After moving with his family to Russia when he was in seventh grade, he started studying at the Kursk College of Culture, and subsequently at the Maimonides State Classical Academy, from where he graduated in 2014.

In 2015, he firstly participated at Glavnaya Stsena, the Russian version of X-Factor. However, he didn’t stop there and took part at the 4th season of The Voice of Russia, where his mentor was this year’s Russian Eurovision entrant and runner-up, Polina Gagarina.

His great success came later, when he was crowned the winner of the 7th edition of X-Factor Ukraine. Last year, he stood in the coach’s chair at The Voice of Armenia show.

About the song Qami

Sevak Khanagyan took part at the Armenian national selection format Depi Evratesil with his ballad song Qami, written by Sevak himself, Anna Danielyan and Viktorya Maloyan. It was one of the participating acts of the show’s second semi-final and became one of the finalists on 25 February.

In the final, both the jury and the public agreed that Qami would be the winning entry of the overall competition. It came 1st with 24 points, 12 from each voting power.

Listen to Qami