Eurovision 2018: Your first impressions of the ‘Big 5’ and Portugal

by Jessica Weaver 4,800 views

Whilst we are already into the second rehearsals for the semi-final participants, yesterday saw the 6 automatic finalists take to the stage for the very first time for their first set of rehearsals on the Lisbon stage. With the finalists’ first rehearsals down, let’s see what your first impressions were of their performances!

The days in the lead up to next week’s Eurovision Song Contest continue to become even more busy and hectic, with second rehearsals now well and truly underway in Lisbon. Only a matter of days before the first semi-final takes place!

Following today’s second day of second rehearsals, we managed to get a glimpse of the first rehearsals of the ‘Big 5’ countries (France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom), together with the host country, Portugal.

Your initial impressions

Following each short impression of the rehearsal, we have been asking you to vote via our website to give us your first thoughts on each teaser you’ve seen so far. Voting has been based on the official clips and images uploaded via the Eurovision social media accounts, as well as descriptions made so far.

Based on the highest percentage of points received from each rehearsal, here are your initial thoughts of each country based on yesterday’s available footage.

  1. Italy (12 points: 54%)
  2. Germany (12 points: 53%; 10 points: 17%; 8 points: 14%)
  3. France (12 points: 53%; 10 points: 17%; 8 points: 11%)
  4. Portugal (12 points: 38%)
  5. United Kingdom (12 points: 36%)
  6. Spain (12 points: 28%)

Whilst it’s difficult to have a strong opinion with little footage available, it’s interesting to see which countries have caught the eyes of the viewers from their initial rehearsals, whilst seeing which countries have seemingly dropped since first rehearsals.

Your top 3

It was a close vote between your top 3 favourites of the automatic finalists, however it’s Italy who has gained your interest from the ‘Big 5’ countries from their first rehearsal, with the message of the song truly coming across through the Italian performance. Internationally translated lyrics will play a big roll in portraying the Italian song message, which can only hope in the final outcome.

Again it was a very close call between second and third place, however based on receiving the higher percentage of 8 points, Germany is your second of the ‘Big 5′ members. Germany’s touching entry with fitting staging has truly grabbed fans’ hearts during the nation’s first rehearsal and is sure to relate to a number of viewers on the night.

France’s duo have received the third highest percentage of votes from your initial impressions, with few changes being made from their national selection performance. Will their simplistic staging grab the viewers attention on the night?

The remaining finalists

With your 1st to 3rd place receiving close percentages, your 4th to 6th ranked performance have also received close percentages alongside each other. Whilst no entry received a drastically low percentage of votes, let’s have a look at your remaining ranking.

Finishing in your fourth place was the host country of Portugal, whose staging remains as simplistic as that from their national selection performance. It’s a chilled song with a chilled atmosphere, with a slightly more alternative vibe compared to what fans would describe as a “typical ballad”, which could well go in Portugal’s favourite this year.

In fifth place in the United Kingdom, with staging being a mixture of lighting effects from the official music video along with SuRie’s performance on the Graham Norton Show last week. The singer performs on a small portion of the stage, being the centre focus throughout. This could draw in more interest from the juries than the public, however the running order will play a crucial part in the end.

Receiving the lowest percentage of your 12 points is the rehearsal from Spain. The duo take to the stage and bring their closeness onstage together as a couple. It’s a cute performance from the duo, whose vocals work well together throughout. As with the United Kingdom, the running order may also play a crucial part in the long run.

Who has surprised you the most from the automatic finalists? What changes, if any, would you like to see to any of the ‘Big 5′ and host countries’ performances?