Lisbon Bound: France is the final country onstage for their first rehearsal

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Day 6 of rehearsals are here at the Lisbon venue, in which artists will continue to enter the stage for either their first or second rehearsals for the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest. Starting with second rehearsals and moving on to the automatic finalists first rehearsals, today is set to be a busy day at the Altice Arena!

Today we move on to the sixth day of rehearsals at the Altice Arena, in which artists from a total of 15 countries will take to the stage for a mix of first and second rehearsals.

Finishing off the first semi-finalists second rehearsals, today we saw the first 5 artists of the second semi-final taking to the stage for their second rehearsals, now set to be joined by the acts from the ‘Big 5’ nations as well as Portugal for their first rehearsals of the competition.

Finally for today, it’s Madame Monsieur from France taking to the stage with their entry Mercy, ready to compete in next weekend’s final at the Altice Arena.

Both members of the French duo enter the stage dressed in black, with the male artist performing with a red guitar and the female artist wearing red lipstick. Both artists are wearing red and white shoes, so generally a similar style to their national selection performance.

First look at France’s first rehearsal for Eurovision 2018

Smoke fills the stage at the start of the performance, which the 2 performers sing amogst throughout most of the performance as well as in front of a white light, before the artists walk across the bridge onstage later on.

Whilst the singers walk across the 2 separate stages, the duo meet once again on the catwalk stage, where they begin their known arm routine which includes audience involvement. As the shots pan to the audience, the duo walk back to the main stage where they end their song.

A solid vocal performance from the duo as always during today’s first rehearsal, with a performance which is pretty much repeated from the national selection on a bigger stage.

Official first rehearsal clip of France 2018

France’s first rehearsal in images

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