Denmark favourites for Eurovision glory

by Michalis Vranis 414 views

The final stage of Eurovision 2013, takes place this Saturday in the Swedish city of Malmö. Those that managed to get through the hotly-contested semi-final stage will feel that they have a chance of getting the big prize for their country and becoming national heroes, but who of all the contestants is likely to win?

Danes look set to reign

Denmark, given their illustrious history in Eurovision competitions gone by, are the odds-on favourites to pick up this year’s first prize. Represented by singer Emmelie De Forest, who will perform Only teardrops in a venue that’s not too far from her home country, the Danes could easily walk away with it, but the competition is fierce.

Much is expected of the UK entry. The bombastic 80’s singer Bonnie Tyler, whose gravelly vocals make her stand out from previous forgettable British entries such as boy-band Blue, is likely to be an also ran, despite there being plenty of support for her at home. De Forest is expected to triumph according to the bookmakers;

Angelica Lecart of Ladbrokes said: “Patriotic punters may disagree, but we’re confident that Emmelie De Forest will win this year’s contest. We feel Emmelie is going to own that stage on Saturday & we will be stunned if she ends up with nil points.”

Continental crooning

As you might expect, the range of acts at Eurovision is pretty diverse. As well as cheesy crooners, there’s a smattering of reality TV winners such as the Finnish entry Krista Siegfrids, who won one of her country’s biggest talent shows. There are also some pretty eccentric ones too such as Greece’s Koza Mostra, a ska band, team up with folk singer Agathon Iakovidis singing Alcohol is free!

Trying to fly the flag for modern music is Irish entry Ryan Dolan. He’s already toured with the likes of Tinchy Stryder, and his entry, Only love survives, is expected to give his country a better chance of glory. Ostensibly a dance track, it’s similar to last year’s winning song by Sweden’s Loreen, and his odds of winning have dropped significantly in the past day or so.

Join in the fun

If you like Eurovision, as millions of you probably will, you might want to make it a little more fun. Ladbrokes Bingo has produced this hilarious bingo card for UK viewers to play along at home. First to complete a line in any is the winner.