Malmö live: The grand final tomorrow, watch our preview of the songs

by Juha Repo 137 views

So finally we have got to that point that we know the full line-up of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest final.

For the first time since 1985 there is no Yugoslavia or any of the countries that followed the split in the 90s in the final.

Also for the first time since 2008 all the Nordic countries are in the final.

Hungary and Romania alone represent Central Europe, while Greece is the sole country south of the Danube to be in the final.

All the countries that used to be in the Soviet Union qualified, apart from Latvia.

Belgium and the Netherlands meet each other in the final for the first time since 2004.

Watch our own little preview below, in the actual final running order, made by our videographer Robin Scott from the material he has shot himself here in Malmö:

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