Moldova: A thousand lights to the moon with International Flashmob

by Eliza-Jane Oliver 163 views

On 28 April over 1000 Moldovan and Eurovision fans from 13 cities across Europe will take part in a unique event to support contestant Aliona Moon’s entry in the Eurovision Song Contest  in Malmö, and also to promote the national flag of Moldova.

The event, entitled A thousand lights to the moon will involve participants releasing helium balloons and lanterns in red, yellow and blue – the colours of the Moldovan flag – into the sky. The event will be documented with videos and photos that will then be used to promote Moldova to the rest of Europe.

The event follows National Flag day in Moldova, which is on 27 April, and also is exactly a month after Aliona and 500 participants released a thousand lanterns to the moon in Chisinau, which was filmed for the Moldovan postcard.

The flashmob will take place at the following locations on 28 April:

  • Athens, Greece @ Platia Sintagmatos (20:00)
    Moldo-Hellenic Union ”Al Ipsilantis”
  • Bucharest, Romania @ Unirii Park (15:00)
    “Association of Moldovan Pupils and Students from Bucharest” (ASEB)
  • Iasi, [email protected] Al. I. Cuza University, building B (20:00)
  • Padova, [email protected] Giardini dell’Arena (15:30)
    Association “Baștina” in collaboration with Associations “Confaud”, “Maluri de Prut”, ”Amici della R. Moldova”, “Gente Moldava”
  • Paris, France @ Le Parvis des Droits de l’Homme (Esplanade du Trocadéro) (12:00)
    Moldovan Students Association ”Jeunes Moldaves” in partnership with Association “Liberal Club France”, “Union Interculturelle”
  • Rimini, Italy @ Seaport “Darsenena” (20:00)
    Association “Încredere”
  • Rome, [email protected] Colosseo / San Pietro (20:30)
    Association “Încredere”, “Asso-Moldave”, “Dacia”, esc today Embassy of the Republic of Moldova to Rome
  • Sofia, Bulgaria @ “Борисова градина” (15:00)
    Moldovan Diaspora ”Plai Natal”
  • Lisbon, Portugal @ Torre de Belem (21:00)
  • Venice, Italy @ ”San Marco” Square (17:00)
    Association ”Gente Moldava”
  • Venice, Italy @ San Dona di Piavi, str. Ragusa 7 village Calvecchia (13:00)
    Association ”Moldavi nel Veneto”, ”Centrul Diaspora Moldova”, ”Gazeta Basarabiei”, Association ”Dacia” (Mestre), Association ”Olimpia” and Bogdan Veaceslav