Eurovision 2025 Host City Submission Bid: The Countdown begins in Switzerland

by Sanjay (Sergio) Jiandani 2,183 views

Switzerland is buzzing with excitement as the Eurovision 2025 Host City Bid Submission window nears its grand finale this week.

The suspense is palpable, the competition fierce, and the excitement undeniable. Cities across the nation are gearing up for a final sprint to the finish line, with Geneva and Basel already throwing their glittery hats into the ring. Meanwhile, Biel and Bern are toying with the idea of joining forces for a joint bid, and the hot favourite Zurich remains coy, keeping us all on the edge of our seats. Let’s dive into the Eurovision fever sweeping Switzerland!

Geneva: A Grand Entrance

Geneva, known for its picturesque views of Lake Geneva and a skyline dotted with spires, is all set to dazzle the Eurovision stage. With a rich history of diplomacy and cultural exchange, Geneva is promising an event that’s both stylish and sophisticated. Imagine Eurovision nestled among the United Nations buildings and the iconic Jet d’Eau. If Geneva pulls this off, it’s bound to be a showstopper of epic proportions.

Basel: The Cultural Hub

Next up, Basel is bringing its A-game. Famous for its art scene, vibrant architecture, and the annual Art Basel fair, this city is no stranger to hosting grand events. Basel’s bid promises a fusion of art and music that will have Eurovision fans and art aficionados alike tapping their feet in delight. Picture a stage surrounded by masterpieces and sculptures, with the Rhine River adding a touch of magic to the festivities.

Biel and Bern: The Dynamic Duo

In a plot twist worthy of a Eurovision semi-final, Biel and Bern are contemplating a joint bid. This partnership aims to combine Biel’s cutting-edge technological prowess with Bern’s historical charm. The idea of a dual-hosting gig is as ambitious as it is intriguing. Fans are already imagining the seamless blend of old and new, with performances happening in both cities, connected by the efficiency of the Swiss railways. It’s a logistical challenge, but one that could make for a uniquely Swiss Eurovision experience.

Zurich: The Dark Horse

And then there’s Zurich. The city that’s been whispered about in hushed, excited tones. Zurich is the glittering jewel in Switzerland’s crown, with its cosmopolitan vibe, financial prowess, and a nightlife that rivals the best in the world. Though Zurich has yet to officially announce its bid, the anticipation is reaching fever pitch. If Zurich steps into the spotlight, it could very well steal the show with its blend of urban chic and breathtaking natural beauty.

The Final Countdown

As the clock ticks down to the bid submission deadline, Switzerland is holding its breath. Each city brings its unique flavor to the table, and the competition is fierce. Eurovision fans around the world are eagerly awaiting the announcement, imagining the possibilities and dreaming of the spectacular show that 2025 promises to be.

Who will get to host the next Eurovision extravaganza? Will it be Geneva with its diplomatic flair, Basel with its artistic touch, the innovative partnership of Biel and Bern, or the glamorous yet mysterious Zurich? Stay tuned, as the curtains are about to rise on what promises to be one of the most thrilling bid races in Eurovision history.

Switzerland, may the best city win! And to all the hopefuls, we say: Douze points for effort!

SRG SSR will be hosting the 2025 Eurovision Song Contest in Switzerland thanks to Nemo’s epic victory last May. The Swiss national broadcaster and the EBU are set to unveil the 2025 Eurovision host city by the end of August.

The 2025 Eurovision Song Contest will be held in Switzerland in mid May, with the exact dates yet to be confirmed.

Source: ESCToday/SRG-SSR
Photo credit: SRG- SSR