Eurovision 2025: Basel applies to host the contest

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The Canton of Basel Stadt has officially announced that Basel will be submitting a bid to host the forthcoming 2025 Eurovision Song Contest next year in Switzerland.

The City of Basel is all set to welcome the Eurovision bandwagon with all its glam, glitz and rasmatazz. Basel is aiming to host Eurovision 2025 in the St. Jakob area, with two potential venues in contention: the St. Jakobhalle and the St. Jakobs Park Stadium. The City of Basel is also drawing up a plan for hosting the Eurovision Village, Euroclub and other side events related to the competition.

We should not note that if Basel opts for the St. Jacobs Park Stadium, the venue would require to install a temporary roof. Basel has great experience hosting international events and trade fairs.

After the Basel Grand Council passed a resolution to host Eurovision 2025, the Government Council of Basel has given the green light for the bid to go ahead.

The Canton of Basel Stadts official press release reads:

The canton of Basel-Stadt will submit its application dossier to host the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) 2025. The St. Jakob area is planned as the venue. A comprehensive supporting program for fans and the population of the city is also planned. The government council is convinced that it can successfully host the world’s largest music competition in Basel.

The canton of Basel-Stadt has received the invitation to tender for the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) from the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation (SRG). After a thorough examination, the government council has decided to prepare an application dossier by the end of June. Basel believes it is in a position to successfully host this event, both in terms of infrastructure and other requirements. Today, the Grand Council passed a resolution for the ESC to be held in Basel by a clear majority. The government council is pleased about this clear signal from parliament and sees itself as being encouraged in its plans.

The last ESC host cities recorded economic added value in the mid-double-digit million range, particularly in the hotel, catering and retail sectors. Experience shows that several hundred thousand visitors can be expected. The three live broadcasts reach more than 150 million people. Basel can thus present itself to a global audience as a cosmopolitan cultural city and a model European region.

Strengths of the Basel location

If Basel is awarded the contract, the ESC would be held in the St. Jakob area, where a large and multifunctional event infrastructure is available. In addition to the St. Jakobshalle, the St. Jakob Park is also being considered as a venue for the main show with the support of FC Basel 1893. In order to ensure the required ceiling load in the St. Jakobshalle, a temporary ceiling reinforcement (ground support) would be installed. A temporary roof would be necessary for the event to be held in the stadium.

The ESC stands for openness, participation, mutual respect and the appreciation of Europe’s cultural diversity. The government is convinced that Basel is the perfect place to host the next world’s largest music event and that, as a border town in the heart of Europe with its short distances and good international transport links, it is an excellent location. The many years of experience in organizing major international events such as the OSCE Ministerial Council Conference in 2014, the Zionist Congress in 2022 or the UEFA EURO 2008 also speak in favor of Basel as a venue. The good hotel and event infrastructure is also one of the strengths of the Basel venue.

Comprehensive supporting program

A comprehensive supporting program is planned in the city for fans and the population. This includes the Eurovision Village with public viewings and music program as well as a Euro Club for party guests, which is planned for the exhibition premises.

The costs that the canton will have to bear are currently being calculated. They consist of contributions in kind such as infrastructure, additional costs for implementation in the city (security, traffic, supporting events, project organization) and a contribution to the SRG’s production costs.

By applying to host the ESC, Basel is competing with other cities. In order to protect its interests as a candidate, the canton is not providing any information on costs until the application process has ended. The Grand Council will decide on the financing. The SRG wants to have decided on the venue by the end of August. If the contract is awarded, the government will immediately submit appropriate advice to the Grand Council.

So far Basel and Geneva are only cities to have officially announced that that they will be submitting an official bid to host the 2025 Eurovsion Song Contest in Switzerland.

SRG-SSR has opened the host city bidding submission window for cities to prepare their respective bid books with the deadline set for the end of June. The 2025 Eurovision Song Contest host city is expected to be unveiled by the end of August

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