The Race to Eurovision 2025: Swiss Cities Vie for the Spotlight

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The anticipation for Eurovision 2025 is already building, and the excitement is palpable as Swiss cities gear up to bid for the honor of hosting this prestigious event. With Geneva and Basel officially throwing their hats into the ring and Biel and Bern contemplating a joint bid, the competition is set to be fierce. Meanwhile, Zurich remains undecided, leaving fans on the edge of their seats.

Confirmed Bids: Geneva and Basel

Geneva and Basel have officially announced their intentions to host the 2025 Eurovision Song Contest.

Geneva, known for its international diplomacy and stunning lakeside scenery, offers a cosmopolitan flair that aligns perfectly with the multicultural spirit of Eurovision. The city’s infrastructure, including the Palexpo convention center, is well-equipped to handle the massive influx of visitors and media that the event will bring. Geneva’s bid emphasizes its experience in hosting large-scale international events and its commitment to sustainability and innovation.

Basel, on the other hand, brings a different charm to the table. Nestled on the banks of the Rhine River, Basel is renowned for its vibrant cultural scene and architectural beauty. The city’s St. Jakobshalle arena, which has previously hosted major sporting and entertainment events, is being touted as the perfect venue for Eurovision. Basel’s bid highlights its rich musical heritage and the enthusiastic support of its residents.

Considering a Joint Bid: Biel and Bern

In an interesting twist, Biel and Bern are exploring the possibility of submitting a joint bid. This unique proposition aims to leverage the strengths of both cities to create an unparalleled Eurovision experience.

Biel, known for its bilingual culture and watchmaking industry, would bring a distinctive flavor to the contest. Coupled with Bern, the Swiss capital with its historic old town and political significance, the joint bid could offer a diverse and enriching experience for attendees. The logistical plan likely involves splitting events and activities between the two cities, showcasing more of Switzerland’s cultural and geographical diversity.

Biel is Nemo’s hometown, the city is very keen to submit a joint bid with Bern. Potentially Bern would host the event whilst Biel would host the side events of the competition. The Mayor of Biel is keen to welcome the Eurovision bandwagon to Biel and Bern next year.

The Undecided Contender: Zurich

Zurich, Switzerland’s largest city and economic powerhouse, has yet to decide whether it will enter the race. Known for its high quality of life, vibrant nightlife, and stunning lakeside views, Zurich would be a strong contender. The city’s Hallenstadion, a premier event venue, has the capacity and facilities to host Eurovision on a grand scale. However, Zurich’s decision will hinge on various factors, including financial considerations and potential public support.

The Timeline

The Swiss cities interested in hosting Eurovision 2025 must submit their bids by the end of June. This tight deadline ensures a comprehensive review process by the Swiss national broadcaster, which will evaluate each city’s proposal based on criteria such as venue suitability, infrastructure, accommodation capacity, and overall vision for the event.

The anticipation will culminate at the end of August, when the 2025 Eurovision Host City will be officially revealed. The announcement will not only set the stage for one of the world’s most beloved music contests but also spotlight the winning city on an international platform, bringing significant cultural and economic benefits.


As the race heats up, each city brings its unique attributes and vision to the table, promising an exciting selection process. Whether it will be the international allure of Geneva, the cultural vibrancy of Basel, the dual charm of Biel and Bern, or the metropolitan appeal of Zurich, one thing is certain: Switzerland is poised to deliver an unforgettable Eurovision Song Contest in 2025. The world will be watching as these cities make their case, eager to welcome fans and artists from across the globe to a celebration of music, diversity, and unity.

The 2025 Eurovision Song Contest is scheduled to be held in Switzerland in mid May, the exact dates are yet to be confirmed.  So far the following cities have shown interest in hosting the event:

From the above list of cities Basel and Geneva have confirmed their intention to submit their respective bids. Whilst Bern and Biel are considering to submit a joint bid. Zurich and St. Gallen are yet to confirm if they will be bidding.

Source: ESCToday
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