Moldova: DoReDoS film their Eurovision postcard in Vidago

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The 2018 Moldovan Eurovision hopefuls DoReDos were in Portugal recently in order to film their Eurovision postcard. The dynamic trio recorded their postcard in Vidago.

The delegations and participants of the 43 participating countries at the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest will be travelling to Portugal prior to the contest in order to film their respective presentation postcards. Each artist will be portrayed in an activity or a challenge.

The postcards will showcase the beauty of Portugal and will portray the Eurovision artists enjoying the sights and sounds of the host country.

The presentation postcards serve as a massive platform for the host country to promote its tourism and showcase itself on a global scale as millions of viewers tune in to watch Europe’s favorite television show. The Eurovision Song Contest reaches households beyond Europe, from Australia to Argentina, from China to New Zealand, from USA to India etc.

The Moldovan postcard


🔵Am finisat filmarile post-cardului pentru Eurovision 2018. Multumim echipei pentru doua zile minunate si productive petrecute in Portugalia. 🔴This is it… we all finished shooting our postcard. Thank you all for the work and we had an excellent two days with you guys !!! ⚪️Мы закончили снимать нашу видел открытку для Евровидения2018. Спасибо за хорошую работу и отлично проведённые два дня в Португалии в очень красивом месте Vidago Village! @eurovision @eurovision18 @esckaz @wiwibloggs @eugeniuandrianov @fkirkorov @sergiu_mita_doredos @oikotimes @eurovision_in_concert @euroinvision_ru #preparty #eurovision2018 #doredos #myluckyday #winner #newwave #moldova #music #live #portugal #postcard #vidago

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🔴Suntem în Portugalia la filmările post-cardului pentru Eurovision 2018. În spatele nostru este Hotel-Palace de Vidago. Hotelul a fost construit în 1910 și a fost considerat ca cel mai luxos din Peninsula Iberică la acea vreme. 🇵🇹Arhitectorul: José Ferreira da Costa. ⚪️Мы находимся в Португалии на съемках нашей видео открытки для Евровидения 2018. За нами находится отель-дворец де Видаго. Отель был построен в 1910 году и считался самым роскошным на Пиренейском полуострове в то время. Разработан архитектором Хосе Феррейра да Кошта. 🔵We are in Portugal came here for shooting out post card for ESC 2018. Behind us is the Hotel-Palace de Vidago. The hotel was constructed in 1910, and was considered the most luxurious in the Iberian Peninsula at the time.Designed by architect José Ferreira da Costa. #doredos #myluckyday #eurovision2018 #number7 #portugal #moldova #postcard #music @eurovision @esckaz @wiwibloggs @eurovision.daily @euroinvision_ru @eurovisionfrnet @oikotimes @eurovision_escc

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DoRedoS  the 2018 Moldovan Eurovision hopefuls have filmed their Eurovision postcard in Vidago in the municipality of Chaves (north of Portugal). The trio will be depicted at the iconic Vidago Palace Hotel in their postcard.

DoReDoS in Eurovision

DoReDoS were the crowned the winners of the 2018 Moldovan national final last month and will defend the Moldovan colours at the forthcoming 2018 Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon. Their Eurovision entry My lucky day has been composed by Philipp Kirkorov and penned by John Ballard.

About DoReDoS

DoReDoS is currently amongst the most popular and sought after groups in Moldova. They won the celebrated New Wave Song Festival last September in Sochi. Their fame and music has crossed borders and reached countries far and away.

The DoReDoS group was born in 2011 and consists of of three vocalists: Marina Jundiet, Evgeni Andriyanov and Sergei Myza.

All three artists hail from Rybnitsa, where they met and decided to create their own musical group. Hereafter they moved to the Moldovan capital Chișinău, where they graduated from the Academy of Music, Theater and Fine Arts.

In 2013, Evegeni Andriyanov won the second prize at the Slavianski Baazar Song Festival in in Vitebsk, Belarus. The following year DoReDoS won the 2014 International Pop Music Competition in Romania.

In 2015 and 2016, the group competed in the Moldovan Eurovision national selection. The trio has also competed in the internationally acclaimed X Factor talent show, namely in the Romanian version.

In 2017, DoReDoS won the New Wave Song Festival in Sochi, Russia. Thanks to their victory in the song contest, the group received the Honored Artist of Moldova Award in their homeland.

Moldova in Eurovision

Moldova debuted at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2005 and is yet to win the competition. The country achieved its best result in the contest last year when Sunstroke Project placed 3rd at the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv.

Moldova will compete in the semi-final of the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon on 10 May in Lisbon.