Eurovision 2017: A celebration of returning artists

by Stratos Agadellis 2,455 views

This Eurovision Song Contest sees a lot of artists who have represented or have again tried to represent their countries in former editions. Despite the selection period for the participating countries has not been finished yet, we can already say that many of them have made it and have won the ticket to Kyiv.

The already winners

Firstly, the Danish-Australian singer Anja Nissen won the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2017 in Herning with the song Where I am. The singer, who has also won the third series of Danish The Voice, was again on the run for her country last year, finishing in second place.

Below you can watch Anja’s performance in 2017 Melodi Grand Prix Final:

Hovig Demirjian was internally chosen this year from the Cypriot broadcaster CyBC to represent the country this year. With the famous Swedish composer Thomas G:son and the song Gravity, Hovig will fly to Kyiv hoping to break a long series of disappointing places for his country. His song will be released on 1 March. The singer competed again to represent Cyprus in the Eurovision Song Contest on two occasions; 2010 and 2015. In 2010, he placed third with Goodbye, and in 2015, he placed fourth with Stone in a River.

Below you can watch Hovig’s attempt in 2015:

Maltese entrant in 2017 will be the singer Claudia Faniello. The 29-year-old singer has tried many times to win the national final; continuously from 2006 to 2013 and again this year, when she made it. Claudia is the sister of the 2006 Maltese representative, Fabrizio Faniello.

Her song is called Breathlessly and you can watch her performance below:

Jacques Houdek has been chosen internally in September 2016 to represent Croatia this year. The Mr. Voice, as he’s called in the Balkan country will sing the song My Friend which will be released on 2 March. Jacques has tried to represent Croatia several times in the past, the most recent being in 2011, when he finished in 2nd place in Croatian national final.

Below is the video of Jacque’s performance in the national final of Croatia in 2011:

Moldova sends to Kyiv this year their 2010 representative. SunStroke Project is the band who were the country’s entry in 2010 in Oslo, along with Olia Tira with the song RunAway, finishing in 22nd place. 2017 Moldovan entry is called Hey, Mamma! 

The video from their national final is shown here:

The other returning artists

Swedish momentous winner Loreen, who finished 1st in 2012 with 372 points and 18 sets of 12 points, is back on the race for the contest, by taking part in the national competition Melodifestivalen (MF) 2017. Loreen performed her pop song Statements in the 4th semi-final, progressing in the Second Chance round and hoping for a place in MF’s final on 11 March. If Loreen wins, she’s flying again to Eurovision in order to defend her title.

Here is the singer’s performance in the semi-final:

Aistė Pilvelytė from Lithuania was one of the winners of the Heat 4 for their national final Eurovizijos and after that she is preparing for the big evening on 11 March. Her previous trial for representing Lithuania was back in 2016 when she came in the 5th place in the final. Her 2017 competing song is I’m like a wolf and you can enjoy it in the video:

Back to Sweden again, the 20-year-old Wiktoria Johansson, who previously participated in Melodifestivalen 2016 finishing in 4th place, is back to this year’s national competition. With the song As I lay me down, Wiktoria won the ticket for MF’s final on 11 March in Stockholm.

You can take a look to the singer’s performance in Melodifestivalen 2017 here:

Now we are waiting for the rest of the national finals to see if these three returning artists will join the above list and fly to the Ukrainian capital in May!