Bookies’ Roundup 2022 : Who Will Be Tonight’s Surprises?

by Richard West-Soley 2,128 views

It’s arrived – the day when our remaining eighteen finalists line up to strut their stuff and fly their flag. And, as always, the bookies have their own ideas about who will emerge victorious tonight.

For a start, there is definitely room for improvement. After Tuesday’s show, bookmakers were down on previous form, having collectively predicted seven (or eight, depending on the time of day you looked) successful qualifiers. That’s the hallmark of a semifinal much harder to predict than usual, especially after an almost clean sweep in both the 2021 qualifier events.

That said, that dash of unpredictability makes for a much more exciting evening as fans. Will Tuesday’s happy surprises, Iceland, Lithuania and Switzerland, be joined by even more jubilation tonight from delegations not taking anything as a done deal?

The standing for tonight’s semifinal 2 qualification, as aggregated by OddsChecker, is currently as follows:

  1. Sweden
  2. Poland
  3. Australia
  4. Estonia
  5. Serbia
  6. Czech Republic
  7. Finland
  8. Belgium
  9. Azerbaijan
  10. Cyprus
  11. Malta
  12. San Marino
  13. Romania
  14. Israel
  15. Ireland
  16. Montenegro
  17. Georgia
  18. North Macedonia

The big tussle seems to be between Cyprus, Malta and San Marino, which are on close odds to qualify around tenth place, and have been switching positions regularly today.

What are your predictions for tonight, and how do they differ from the bookies’ picks? Let us know!