Bookies’ Round-up 2021 : Another Almost Perfect Sweep

by Richard West-Soley 21,502 views

Bookies’ collective rankings matched Tuesday night’s semifinal success tonight, as nine out of ten favourites to qualify made it to the final.

Shortly before transmission, bookmakers’ odds had the entries lined up as follows:

1. Switzerland
2. Bulgaria
3. Iceland
4. Greece
5. Finland
6. San Marino
7. Portugal
8. Serbia
9. Albania
10. Austria
11. Moldova
12. Denmark
13. Estonia
14. Latvia
15. Czech Republic
16. Georgia
17. Poland

In the final shake-up, it was Moldova that outdid its predicted 11th position, ending up in the golden ten. Austria was the unlucky country slipping out of the final mix as predicted by the odds.

Favourites to Win

For now, the new crop of finalists has failed to shake up the favourites to win a great deal, although today has seen Malta move back into second favourite position ahead of France after a brief slide. All three frontrunners are on incredibly similar odds this close to the final, suggesting that the eventual crown is still anyone’s game.

Switzerland leaps back up into fourth favourite to win after a stunning semifinal performance. Ukraine hangs on in the top five just below. Iceland, Bulgaria, Finland, Cyprus and San Marino complete the top ten.

1. Italy
2. Malta
3. France
4. Switzerland
5. Ukraine
6. Iceland
7. Bulgaria
8. Finland
9. Cyprus
10. San Marino

Lithuania and Portugal lie just outside the top ten, the latter leaping up from much longer odds before its qualification tonight.

Imminent running order placement and dress rehearsals will no doubt add a further dash of unpredictability into the mix. One thing is certain: we’re in for an exciting couple of days.