Eurovision Streaming Success – The highest-earning Eurovision winners on Spotify

by Michalis Vranis 4,678 views

In anticipation of the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest, a fascinating study conducted by delves into the Spotify earnings of the past 20 years’ winners. The findings highlight remarkable differences in streaming success and estimated revenues. Brace yourself for a whirlwind tour through the chart-topping hits that have conquered the Eurovision stage and dominated the world of streaming.

Topping the list is the 2019 winner, Duncan Laurence from the Netherlands, with his mesmerizing song “Arcade.” Garnering a whopping 935 million streams, the track has earned an estimated revenue of $3.7 million on Spotify, securing its position as the ultimate streaming champion among Eurovision winners.

Italian rock band Måneskin follows closely behind with their powerful anthem “Zitti e buoni.” This energetic entry has rocked its way to 387 million streams and an estimated revenue of $1.5 million, captivating listeners across the globe.

The Nordic countries, known for their musical prowess, continue to shine in the Eurovision spotlight. Alexander Ryback from Norway enchants with “Fairytale,” amassing 267 million streams and over $1 million in estimated revenue. Sweden’s Loreen mesmerizes with “Euphoria,” accumulating 214 million streams and an estimated revenue of $858,325. And the charismatic Måns Zelmerlöw from Sweden captivates audiences with “Heroes,” amassing 147 million streams and earning over half a million dollars.

Other noteworthy entries include Lena’s “Satellite” from Germany, Lordi’s “Hard Rock Hallelujah” from Finland, and Kalush Orchestra’s “Stefania” from Ukraine, all demonstrating enduring popularity on Spotify.

The table below provides a snapshot of the top Eurovision winners’ streaming achievements and estimated revenues:

Year Country Artist Song Streams Est. revenue
2019 Netherlands Duncan Laurence Arcade 935.665.502  $3.742.662,00
2021 Italy Måneskin Zitti e buoni 387.033.810  $1.548.135,00
2009 Norway Alexander Ryback Fairytale 267.272.077  $1.069.088,00
2012 Sweden Loreen Euphoria 214.581.334  $   858.325,00
2015 Sweden Måns Zelmerlöw Heroes 147.607.148  $   590.429,00
2018 Israel Netta Toy 101.246.289  $   404.985,00
2010 Germany Lena Satellite 72.856.420  $   291.426,00
2006 Finland Lordi Hard Rock Hallelujah 51.627.117  $   206.508,00
2022 Ukraine Kalush Orchestra Stefania 47.727.198  $   190.909,00
2013 Denmark Emmelie de Forest Only Teardrops 46.352.535  $   185.410,00
2017 Portugal Salvador Sobral Amar Pelos Dois 29.879.435  $   119.518,00
2014 Austria Conchita Wurst Rise Like a Phoenix 24.524.960  $     98.100,00
2005 Greece Helena Paparizou My Number One 22.024.800  $     88.099,00
2016 Ukraine Jamala 1944 18.139.903  $     72.560,00
2004 Ukraine Ruslana Wild Dances 14.576.037  $     58.304,00
2003 Turkey Sertab Erener Everyway That I Can 10.183.881  $     40.736,00
2007 Serbia Marija Šerifović Molitva 6.299.408  $     25.198,00
2011 Azerbaijan Ell and Nikki Running Scared 5.107.548  $     20.430,00
2008 Russia Dima Bilan Believe 1.539.058  $       6.156,00

As we gear up for the Eurovision Song Contest, the stage is set for another thrilling showdown. Who will emerge as the next streaming sensation? Will the Swedish winners continue their reign? Or will a new contender steal the spotlight?

This captivating research, conducted by, provides valuable insights into the streaming success of Eurovision winners, shedding light on the immense popularity and financial gains garnered through Spotify. With the power of streaming, Eurovision winners solidify their place in music history, captivating audiences and dominating the charts with their sensational performances. Let the streaming battle commence, and may the best Eurovision contender conquer both the stage and the Spotify realm!

About the survey

The survey includes all the winners from the past 20 years, from 2022 to 2003. However, there was no competition in 2020 due to the pandemic, which means that 19 artists are included in the compilation. The data on the number of streams comes from Spotify and is counted up until April 26, 2023. The revenue is based on Spotify’s estimated payment range of $0.003-$0.005 per stream.
*In the survey, the revenue for each artist is calculated at $0.004/stream.