Russia: Polina Gagarina unveils her Melankholiya; wins 2018 Glamour Award

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Russia’s Eurovision 2015 runner-up Polina Gagarina hits the spotlight with a new song that has a dark theme, Melankholiya. She has also a victory to celebrate, as she was crowned best female singer by Glamour magazine.

Melankholiya (Меланхолия, Melancholy) is the latest single by Russian artist Polina Gagarina, released on 8 November 2018. As the title suggests, the song describes the melancholic feeling of a deep longing for love.

Although the subject is dark, Melankholiya is a dance track, sung with Polina’s signature powerful voice. Lyrics include:

A thousand times a second, my heart beats wildly
Again the river of sadness flows over the edges
People pass by, nothing of them remains
Alone with me is melancholy.

Меланхолия – премьера сингла

Слушали? Делитесь впечатлениями в комментариях ⬇ «Меланхолия» (μελαγχολία) – именно этим словом из греческого языка, которым, кстати, прекрасно владеет Полина Гагарина, можно назвать щемящее состояние тоски, знакомое многим из нас. Однако верная своему стилю Полина пересмотрела это чувство, раскрасив его множеством оттенков. Трек доступен на всех музыкальных платформах:ПолинаГагарина #Меланхолия

Geplaatst door Polina Gagarina op Zaterdag 10 november 2018

Melankholiya was composed and written by Gennadiy Dudin.

Glamour Magazine Award 2018

No need for only melancholy: on a brighter side, Polina Gagarina was elected as best female singer by Glamour magazine, earning her a Glamour Award 2018. Congratulations!

I’m not interested in a hype. My path to success was not the easiest, I’m not ready to flare up and fade at once.

Поздравляем!!!Полина стала победительницей в номинации «Певица года» на ежегодной премии Женщина Года журнала Glamour…

Geplaatst door Polina Gagarina op Dinsdag 13 november 2018

Polina Gagarina mesmerizes at Eurovision 2015

Polina Sergeyevna Gagarina (Moscow, 1987) represented Russia at the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna, Austria. Winning Semi-Final 1 with her heartfelt performance of the power ballad A million voices, she ultimately reached an honourable 2nd place in the Grand Final, receiving 303 points.