Germany: It’s Michael Schulte for Lisbon!

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What a night in Berlin! The final of Unser Lied für Lissabon delivered its verdict: Michael Schulte will represent Germany in the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 .

Unser Lied für Lissabon, the German national final, took place tonight in the premises of the Studio Berlin Adlershof in Berlin. The arena was packed with cheering Eurofans. The Germans did it right indeed! The show was hosted by Linda Zervakis and Elton.

Our song for Lisbon

Six acts competed for the golden ticket to Portugal. Here is the running order of the night:

  1. Natia Todua – My own way
  2. Ryk – You and I
  3. voXXclub – I mog Di so
  4. Xavier Darcy – Jonah
  5. Ivy Quainoo – House on fire
  6. Michael Schulte – You let me walk alone

The interval act was ensured by 18-year old star from Germany Mike Singer, who sang his hit Deja vu.

Michael Schulte to represent Germany

Michael Schulte won the German national final after an exciting vote, bringing home the 12 points from the three juries. The winner was decided by a combination of televotes,  an one-hundred-member Eurovision fan panel, and an international 20-expert jury panel. The international panel included known faces as former Eurovision representative Margaret Berger (Norway, 2013).

The Results

The Eurovision jury

  • 5 points to Natia Todua
  • 6 points to voXXclub
  • 7 points to Ivy Quainoo
  • 8 points to Xavier Darcy
  • 10 points to Ryk
  • 12 points to Michael Schulte

The expert jury

  • 5 points to voXXclub
  • 6 points to Natia Todua
  • 7 points to Ivy Quainoo
  • 8 points to Ryk
  • 10 points to Xavier Darcy
  • 12 points to Michael Schulte

The televote

  • 5 points to Ryk
  • 6 points to Natia Todua
  • 7 points to Xavier Darcy
  • 8 points to Ivy Quainoo
  • 10 points to voXXclub
  • 12 points t0 Michael Schulte

Michael Schulte was therefore declared winner of Unser Lied für Lissabon with a total of 36 points. He will represent Germany with the song You let me walk alone.

The official videoclip of You let me walk alone.

Here is the final ranking:

  • Michael Schulte-36 points
  • Xavier Darcy- 25 points
  • Ryk -23 points
  • Icy Quainoo- 22 points
  • voXXclub- 21 points
  • Natia Todua- 17 points

Germany at Eurovision

Germany has had a record number of 61 Eurovision appearances since their debut in 1956. The country has only missed one contest; in 1996.

The Germans have experienced a mixture of results over the years, including 12 Top 3 placings – including 2 victories (1982, 2010) – as well as 7 last places, 2 of which were accumulated in the current decade. What will happen in 2018?