Bulgaria: Kristian Kostov’s Beautiful Mess most played song in Bulgaria for 2017

by Georgi Senkishev 716 views

The 2017 Bulgarian representative, Kristian Kostov, 17, has received the record for most-played song in Bulgaria with his Eurovision entry, Beautiful mess.

The youngest Eurovision participant in recent years and his entry at the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest have received the most-played spot in the whole Bulgarian nation for the year 2017.

BNT, the Bulgarian national broadcaster, announced the news earlier this month on their official Twitter account, congratulating Kristian Kostov and the team behind his Eurovision entry for their success:


Bulgarian selection for 2018

BNT received a total of 206 songs for 2018, setting yet another record – the one for the most submitted entries for Bulgaria for the Eurovision Song Contest – but only 13 projects eligible to represent Bulgaria as only these 13 bids comply with the rules put in place by the broadcaster.

The broadcaster published the 13 songs and described them back in late December. According to the broadcaster’s official Twitter account, the artist for Lisbon will be announced on the 12 March, while the decision for who is going to go to Eurovision will be taken on the 31 January.

BNT picked a selection of fans earlier this month to help them to choose the act for Lisbon.

Bulgarian fan favourite

This year, fans have been discussing who they would like to see representing Bulgaria at the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest, with many reoccurring names making a reappearance once again.

With past favourites including Preslava and Gery-Nikol, as well as 2017’s representative Kristian Kostov, one of this year’s most popular names is DARA (Darina Yotova).

DARA has been show interest since she encouraged her fans to vote for her in her online polls, and even thanked the fans and voters for winning; could this mean something? Did DARA submit a song for the Bulgarian selection this year? At least one thing is sure, that she is interested in Eurovision!