Bulgaria: BNT reveals song insights; search for fan juror begins

by Georgi Senkishev 882 views

Bulgaria’s broadcaster, BNT, has published further details about the 13 submitted projects for Eurovision 2018, describing each of the entries via their Twitter account.

After having received more than 200 songs for Eurovision 2018 (a record-breaking number) and a total of 13 projects, BNT – the Bulgarian national broadcaster – has teased fans with further descriptions of each and every project, based on the song and the title.

Here are the 13 projects, along with keywords describing each entry:

  • Colours: Catchy uptempo tune, radio and chart friendly, very modern, R’n’B flavour
  • Bad news: A mix between Broadway-style tune and radio friendly commercial-sound, out of the box combination
  • Bones: Dark, modern “silent”/soulful ballad, deep emotions, very spiritual, powerful chorus
  • Sky symphony: Uptempo, optimistic, slight Euro-Asian flavour
  • Two hearts collide: Contradicting feelings, mid-tempo, commercial reggae, strong chorus, contemporary
  • Cold as ice: Duo, key change, Eurovision-ish, uptempo
  • Collide: Radio-friendly, Mid-tempo, very current, edgy, R’n’B inspired
  • Rebirth: Strong personal story, ballad, elegy about the lost chances in the past, prayer for the future
  • Choosing: Pop-rock, mid-tempo, radio-friendly
  • Lovers to enemies: A story about the cycles of life, male power ballad
  • You will be the change: Pop-rock track sung by male vocalist, mid-tempo, message focussed on ecological issues
  • Love never lies: Euro-disco
  • A new home: Contemporary jazz song, chill-out

Let us know which entry sounds of most interest by voting in our poll below!

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BNT looking for fan jury member

This morning, the broadcaster expressed the will to have a fan jury member to judge each of the 13 projects; to be in the running to become a jury member, fans need to follow the official BNT Eurovision Twitter account and post a tweet expressing why they believe they would be the ideal candidate.


After that, the cards are in BNT’s hands. The broadcaster will pick the juror based on his motivational message and creative mind. Good luck to all applicants!

Internal selection rules

BNT is going to judge the songs based on multiple factors:

  • To win the overall focus groups voting with the weight coefficients of each focus group taken into a consideration
  • To perform consistently within all, or the majority of the focus groups
  • To reach a certain value on average without the weight coefficients being taken into a consideration. That means unlike in step 1, all the votes will be equal

Note that jurors will have to rank a song from 1 to 10 based on the following:


Bulgaria at Eurovision

After debuting in Eurovision 2005 in Kyiv, gaining their least-successfyl result at the contest, Bulgaria came back to the competition in 2016 with a bang, bringing solid top 5 finishes since their return. Will their success continue into 2018?

In 2017, Kristian Kostov represented Bulgaria and brought the best result for Bulgaria at the Eurovision Song Contest to date, finishing in 2nd place.