OGAE Poll 2017: Czech Republic calling!

by Jessica Weaver 7,056 views

Voting in the OGAE International Poll continues today with the next set of votes in the poll. More votes are set to follow in the days the come with clubs around the world voting for their favourites of the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest.

Voting next in the OGAE Poll 2017 is OGAE Czech Republic with the top set of points going to Francesco Gabbani from Italy, with 10 and 8 points flying to Belgium and Estonia.

Check out the full top 10 from OGAE Czech Republic below!

Points from OGAE Czech Republic

  • 1 point goes to Hungary
  • 2 points go to Finland
  • 3 points go to FYR Macedonia
  • 4 points go to Austria
  • 5 points go to Belarus
  • 6 points go to France
  • 7 points go to Romania
  • 8 points go to Estonia
  • 10 points go to Belgium
  • 12 points go to Italy!

Current top 3

Let’s check in once again and look at the current top 3 of the OGAE Poll 2017:

  1. Italy: 90 points
  2. Belgium: 65 points
  3. Sweden: 59 points

We see a swap between the second and third place as, for the first time this year, Sweden receives 0 points in today’s votes.

In the coming days and weeks, we’ll get to know the favourites of the fan club members in the OGAE Poll 2017 in the lead up to this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. Stay tuned as the votes continue to roll in with a winner set to be crowned later this month!