Eurovision 2017: Stage construction underway in Kyiv!

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Under a month to go until the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest is set to take place in the host city of Kyiv and the construction of this year’s stage is well and truly underway at the official venue, the International Exhibition Centre.

Only days to go until the full construction of the 2017 Eurovision stage is ready and complete, with technical rehearsals soon to follow and only a matter of weeks until the start of the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv. The excitement is continuing to rise!

The building of this year’s grand stage is currently in full swing and yesterday saw the Vice Prime Minister Vyacheslav Kyrylenko visiting the construction site to acquaint himself with the ongoing preparations. Executive Producer of Eurovision 2017 Pavlo Hrytsak, Head of Production Ola Melzig and Contest Producer Christer Björkman joined the Vice Prime Minister in yesterday’s visit.

Stage construction is well and truly underway at the IEC (UA:PBC ©)

Speaking at yesterday’s visit, Executive Producer Hrystak revealed:

The work of both the International Exhibition Centre and beyond has been in intensive mode, with the first show of Eurovision 2017 taking place in less than a month. We are happy and looking forward to the arrival of the delegations of all member countries and do everything possible to make their stay in Kyiv pleasant and comfortable, the shows – unforgettable.

Special features of the 2017 stage?

Head of Production Melzig revealed that this year’s stage weighs 30 tonnes and has a platform with the space of around 350 square metres.

A feature is the central part of the stage in which each structure can independently move, descending and rising during the show and therefore altering the stage geometry to create a unique performance for each of the participants.

First visit with organisers and journalists (UA:PBC ©)

Speaking more about this year’s grand stage, Melzig revealed:

This year we are building a considerable stage. Its height is 14 metres, 70 metres in width and 28 metres in depth. All the lights, around 1,800 of which have already been installed, the majority – put into operation.

All video elements are installed, next we plan on installing pyrotechnics around the stage and from tomorrow we start the programming which will be implemented around the world during the show.

Parallel to this, we are completing the installation of the spectator stand structures and are carrying out the preparations of the first pavilion, where in a little more than two weeks work will begin in the press centre. Its premises will host about 1,500 accredited journalists and 500 accredited fans.

Construction of the green room is currently underway and, as with previous years, will appear opposite the stage on the other side of the arena in which the participants will gather following their performances on the Eurovision stage.

Plans and arrangements for the Euroclub (UA:PBC ©)

Two specific goals

Contest Producer Björkman commented on the goals regarding the forthcoming contest as the producer of the event:

We have two very specific goals. The first – to implement the vision of the 43 countries who will arrive full of expectations and deserve the best possible attitude to their productions. As for the show, this objective is no less important. It is to give Ukrainians a reason to be proud of each of these shows.

Besides these two goals, we need nothing more. We must make everyone proud of all of these shows, as participants and spectators, both in Ukraine and in Europe.

UA:PBC news report from the IEC.

The 2017 Eurovision Song Contest will take place on the 9, 11 and 13 May at the International Exhibition Centre in the host city of Kyiv.