Eurovision 2016: 90% Success for Daily Press Poll and BigPoll in Semifinal 2

by Gil Laufer 691 views

Our two prediction tools, the Daily Press Poll and the Big Poll, have managed to show outstanding success rates in predicting the qualifiers from Semifinal 2, with both the Daily Press Poll and the BigPoll predicting 9 finalists.

Daily Press Poll: 9/10 [Full Daily Press Poll Coverage]

The Daily Press Poll predicts trends following the impressions of the press from the first rehearsals. The voting and results for Semifinal 2 were divided into two days, and combined in a way that will try to reflect the actual situation.

The tight voting of Day 3 gave us Israel (74p), Australia (71p), Latvia (68p) and Serbia (55p) as the top leaders. Day 4 had a very big contrast in voting, leading us to Ukraine (119p), Bulgaria (74p), Belgium (58p) and Georgia (47p), giving us already eight clear qualifiers.

Poland, who had the highest amount of points out of the other ten entries (14p) has qualified as well, being placed in the 10th place of the semifinal.

Lithuania was placed 15th getting only 1 point in the poll, which has placed Belarus on 9th place that didn’t qualify eventually.

Predicted Correctly: Israel, Australia, Latvia, Serbia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Belgium, Georgia, Poland

Predicted Incorrectly: Belarus

Missed: Lithuania

Big Poll: 9/10 [Full BigPoll Coverage]

The BigPoll predicts the qualifiers based on the votes from you, our fans and followers. BigPoll’s ballot opened right after the second semi-final rehearsals finished and all of our readers were invited to participate by casting their predictions.

The BigPoll has also guessed 9 countries correctly, missing Georgia and guessing that Norway would have qualify.

Predicted Correctly: Serbia, Poland, Australia, Belgium, Latvia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Israel, Lithuania

Predicted Incorrectly: Norway

Missed: Georgia

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The voting for final of the BigPoll will shortly open! Find out how to cast your votes and have your say here. Tonight, the concluding Press Poll will be held and the Top 10 will be revealed in a special show live on YouTube at 23:30 CET!

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