BigPoll 2016: The prediction tool returns

by Michalis Vranis 5,168 views

Like every year, ESCToday’s BigPoll returns to your screens for one more set of vote casting in order to predict the final outcome of the semifinals and final of the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest.

Voting on BigPoll

BigPoll is not a favourites poll, rather than a prediction tool where you are asked to predict how your country will be voting during the show. Our system is build upon the Eurovision voting methods using the 12 points system as well as the rule which doesn’t allow a country to vote for itself.

How to vote?

In order to participate on BigPoll simply visit the link here and  login using your cellphone number. For the first time in BigPoll’s history, we are using the advanced technology of SMS verification called Account Kit, powered by Facebook.

The procedure to login is as simple as one two three; Once you visit the page, and login, a popup window will appear asking for your country code and cellphone number. Upon submit, AccountKit will send you an SMS with the verification code, input it there and you are ready to go.

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Should you have changed your mind about a prediction, you can login again and update your votes.

Currently you can cast your predictions for the two semi-finals and the results will be revealed at 18:00 right before each show takes place. The ballot for the final will be available right after the running order of the grand final becomes available.

Eurovision experts, start predicting now!