Finland’s Käärijä Discontent with International Juries, Fans Demand Voting Reform

by Michalis Vranis 13,006 views

Finland’s Käärijä stole the show at Eurovision 2023, winning the hearts of viewers with his song “Cha cha cha.” However, despite winning the public vote, Käärijä ended up in second place due to the influence of international juries. Expressing his disappointment, Käärijä stated, “I was here to win,” sparking a wave of discontent among Finnish fans.

Despite the disappointment, there was widespread pride in Käärijä’s strong performance. President Sauli Niinistö sent a message of congratulations, and Käärijä’s hometown of Vantaa announced plans to create a mural in his honor.

The singer himself expressed his disappointment and apologized to fans, but left the door open for a comeback. “If schedules allow, why not?” he said. “I’ll come back and give what I can.”

Criticism of the Eurovision points system has been rampant, with upset fans arguing that Finland should have emerged as the rightful winner. Social media has been flooded with calls to remove the international juries, especially after reports of a conspiracy theory suggesting Sweden’s victory was predestined due to the upcoming 50th anniversary of ABBA, coinciding with Sweden hosting Eurovision next year.

Finnish fans are leading the charge for voting reform, advocating for a return to pure public voting. They argue that the overwhelming support from the audience should be the determining factor in the competition, rather than the influence of juries.

As Eurovision 2023 comes to a close, the controversy surrounding international juries and the alleged conspiracy theories lingers. Finland pays tribute to Käärijä as the “real winner,” while fans demand transparency and fairness in the voting process. The future of Eurovision may see significant changes as the voices of passionate fans continue to be heard.

While conspiracy theories may swirl around, only time will tell if ABBA’s anniversary plays a role in Sweden’s future Eurovision success. After all, there’s no denying the enduring charm of those dancing queens.