Author: Michalis Vranis

Michalis Vranis

Managing Director

When I first joined the team in 2007 I could never thought that in 2012 I would carry on with the legacy of ESCToday. Addicted to technology and new media I'm here to manage the team bring new ideas and develop them!

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OGAE Germany: 12 points to Hungary

The host club of this year's contest has announced their votes for the OGAE 2011 poll. 12 points were awarded to Hungary while the 10 for Sweden. No new entries…

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OGAE Portugal: 12 points to France

The series of OGAE 2011 poll votes presentation goes on with OGAE Portugal sharing their results with us. The Portuguese club awards 12 points to France and 10 to Hungary….

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OGAE Ireland: 12 points to Hungary

OGAE Ireland had their annual meeting and here are their votes for OGAE 2011 poll. 12 points awarded to Hungary while the 10 go United Kingdom. Sweden falls to 2nd…

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OGAE Italy: 12 points to Hungary

OGAE Italy had their annual meeting this year and they shared with us their votes on OGAE 2011 poll. 12 points from OGAE Italy are going to Hungary, while France…

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OGAE Greece: 12 points to France

OGAE Greece had their annual meeting where they voted for the OGAE 2011 poll. The results are following. After the 12 Points that the local club gave in 2009 to…

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London Eurovision Party live!

For the first time in Eurovision parties history, will broadcast the London Eurovision party live online. Watch tonight the performances of the representatives of Israel, Bulgaria, Malta, Romania, Italy,…