Dino Merlin continues promo tour

by Michalis Vranis 171 views

Bosnian representative Dino Merlin concluded his tour in Balkan countries. Romania, Bulgaria and FYR Macedonia were the three stops of Merlin's promo tour.

Dino Merlin along with his group which will accompany him on Eurovision stage visited the Balkans. While in Romania, he performed at a special concert at the Romanian national broadcaster to support the Romanian representatives. On that show, he met with the representatives of Moldova, Slovakia and of course the hosting band Hotel FM.

On his next stop in Bulgaria, Dino had the change to appear on various Bulgarian radio and TV shows, such as "Shout to glory" show, where he performed the song Jorgovani, a famous hit in Bulgaria.

During his last stay in Skopje city, the Bosnian representative paid a visit to the show "100% Eurovision Song Contest" of the national broadcaster. The same day he gave a press conference to the local media where he had the change to meet Vlatko Stefanovski who expressed his satisfaction to the opportunity he was given to meet his longtime idol.

The next peninsula which will welcome Dino Merlin will be Scandinavia while he will visit Sweden and Denmark.

You can watch again his interview while in Romania:

Bosnia and Herzegovinawill compete in the second semi final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2011.Dino Merlinwill perform1st in the running order of the competition.