United Kingdom: Countdown to Eurovision’s Greatest Hits – Part 2

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Bobbysocks! sang La det swinge in 1985

Norwegian Hanne Krogh and Swedish-Norwegian Elisabeth Andreassen formed the duo Bobbysocks! in 1983. This wasn’t the first time in Eurovision for either artist. Hanne had first sung at the Gaiety Theatre in Dublin at the 1971 contest.

After the Bobbysocks! win she came back to the show in 1991 as a member of Just 4 Fun. All of these performances were for Norway.

Elisabeth Andreassen sang for Sweden in the duo called Chips in 1982. After winning with Hanne she duetted with Jan Werner Danielsen in the 1994 contest held in Dublin. She sang solo when Eurovision went to Oslo 1996. The song I evighet came second with 100 points.

To top it all the Norwegian Parliament awarded them the Peer Gynt Prize in 1985. Let it swing went to the top of the singles chart in Norway and also in Belgium. There was more success in the singles charts of Sweden, Ireland, The Netherlands and Austria. It spent 4 weeks in the UK singles charts.

Four years of success  followed but they decided to end the performing partnership in 1988 with the exception of occasional events.

The Eurovision Song Contest 1985 was the thirtieth edition of the show.

It was held at the Scandivavium in Gothenburg, Sweden. This is mainly an indoor sports arena but also stages many events. It opened in 1971.

Two countries withdrew this year. Netherlands and Yugoslavia both had memorial days. A number of artists returned to perform another time. Three of them were from the Nordic area: Hanne Krogh, Elisabeth Andersson and Kikki Danielsson.

Notable happenings in the show included the apparently accidental event when the host, Lill Lindfors, walked behind part of the set and part of her dress tore off. It was all a clever stunt and she made some alterations to what was left, transforming it into another outfit.

Norway were not the expected winners and the voting proved that during the first half of the voting. It was Germany who took the lead. Even the host country, Sweden, took the lead momentarily, but with five countries left to vote everything started to change and with three to go Norway took the lead and won the contest.

So it was 103 points for Kikki with Bra vibrationer, 105 points for Wind, singing Für alle for Germany and a grand total of 123 points for Bobbysocks!


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