United Kingdom: Countdown to Eurovision’s Greatest Hits – Part 2

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This is the second part of a series of articles on the artists performing at the 60th Anniversary show in London, to celebrate the Eurovision Song Contest.

Nicole sang Ein bisschen frieden in 1982.

Nicole Seibert was born in Saarbrucken, Germany

She is said to have received her first applause when singing at the age of six and it was this which told her that she wanted to be a professional singer. It was at sixteen years old that she met Ralph Siegel who nurtured her talent and formed the musical relationship that brought about her Eurovision appearance. She has talked about her honest performance and that she felt the words of what she sang. It was a time where people were looking for peace and it all fitted together.

To get to the final the Germans held two semi finals, and a grand final in the BR studios in Munich. The votes came from 500 people. These were selected from an institute was was deemed representative of the German people. The votes were fairly evenly spread but 5,116 votes were cast for Nicole, with the second place song achieving 4,318.

Since then she had a series of hit records, went to Japan and won second place at the Tokyo Yamaha Festival.  The eighties were good to her and that was when she had most success. Since then she has stood the test of time and released over thirty albums.

She is quoted as saying that she will never tire of her winning song. To me that time was a child’s dream come true.

Now 50 years old, she has been married for 30 years with two children. Nicole is thankful for her life and family.

In 2010 she released 30 Jahre mit leib und seele, a compilation to celebrate her 30th anniversary. She recently released a single called Das ist mein weg to celebrate her 50th birthday.

The Eurovision Song Contest 1982  was the twenty seventh edition of the show.

It was held at the newly opened Harrogate International Centre in North Yorkshire, United Kingdom. The seating capacity was 2000. It’s now part of a major exhibition centre covering 16,500 square metres.

This was the year that Greece and France withdrew from the contest. Greece were to take part but, only a few weeks before the event, withdrew and Themis Adamantidis never got to perform the song Sarantapente kopelies.

France’s Head of Entertainment at TF1 is quoted as saying that they were not taking part because the absence of talent and the mediocrity of the songs were too annoying.

The voting didn’t have the drama of some years as the winner became a foregone conclusion fairly early. Germany received nine douze points, three tens and two eights. The song which placed second, Israel’s Avi Toledano and the song Hora, did not even achieve two-thirds of the points that went to Ein bißchen frieden. 100 points as against 161.

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