Armenia: Genealogy’s photoshoot at Mughni

by Jessica Weaver 806 views

Genealogy, the Armenian representatives at the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest, have unveiled new images from their recent photoshoot, in which the group show off their cultural heritage and origin.

Inspired by the title of this year’s Armenian entry Face the shadow, photographer Ruben Martirosyan wanted to highlight the background and roots of each member of Genealogy within this cultural photoshoot.

Genealogy’s latest photoshoot took place at the Saint Gevork Monastery of Mughni in order to capture the rich Armenian cultural heritage. Each artist is wearing a badge featuring photos of their grandparents and ancestors in order to emphasise on the origin of each group member.

Talking about the idea of the photoshoot, stylist Armen Galyan revealed:

We combined Armenian and European fashion trends mixing the contemporary and the traditional. We have tried to create modern characters that are merged with Armenian roots at the same time. This topic is very popular now.

Group members, Essaï Altounian, Tamar Kaprelian, Vahe Tilbian, Stephanie Topalian, Mary-Jean O’Doherty and Inga Arshakyan, have also come together to discuss their own personal music background along with the concept behind Genealogy in a recent interview with You can check it out below.

Genealogy will represent Armenia at the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest in the host city of Vienna. The group will compete in the first semi-final on the 19 May with their entry Face the shadow.

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