United Kingdom: Mike Moran and the Lonely Stag

by Alex Noone 314 views

Mike Moran, former UK representative at the Eurovision Song Contest, has written the score for a new Irish film.

The film is called The Lonely Stag, and tells the story of Ireland through a child’s eyes using poetry and song. Two of the soundtrack’s Moran-penned songs are performed by the celebrated Irish singer, Tommy Fleming. Moran has also composed a song for Tommy Fleming’s new album, The West’s Awake, due out in October.

Filmed entirely on location in West Cork, the Lonely Stag is the brainchild of poet, Linda Burrage, who provided the lyrics for Moran’s songs. It won Best Foreign Film at the Myrtle Beach International Film Festival in South Carolina. A DVD of the project is available to buy through Tommy Fleming’s website.

Mike Moran wrote and performed Rock Bottom, the UK’s entry to the Eurovision Song Contest 1977, along with singer-songwriter, Lynsey de Paul. It finished in second place, beaten by France’s Marie Myriam and her song L’oiseau et l’enfant by a narrow margin of 15 points. The song went on the reach the top of the charts in Switzerland, and hit the number 2 spot in Austria. He co-authored Barcelona, the 1988 hit for Freddie Mercury and soprano Monserrat Caballé, and That Old Feeling Again which reached fifth place in the BBC’s Song For Europe competition when it was performed by Stephen Lee Garden in 1990.

You can watch Mike Moran performing Rock Bottom with Lynsey de Paul here.

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