New Releases: Tim Schou and Paula Seling release new singles

by Luke Borg 198 views

Two artists who have been very successful on the Eurovision stage have released new material.

Tim Schou who represented Denmark in 2011 as the lead singer of the band A Friend In London with New tomorrow has released his debut solo single Supernova. He premiered the song at the Euroclub last week in Copenhagen. Almost a year after the band had released their debut album, Unite, in January 2013, the band announced this January that they would be splitting up as members of the band pursued solo careers.

You can listen to Tim’s new single, Supernova, below.

Paula Seling represented Romania on two occasions along with Romanian/Norwegian artist Ovi. Together, Paula and Ovi reached 3rd place and 12th place in the finals of 2010 and 2014 respectively. As a solo artist, she is well known throughout the Balkan regions, and has released a number of singles and albums with great success. This month, she released her latest single Light my fire.

You can listen to Paula’s latest single below.

Stay tuned to for the latest releases from all the past Eurovision stars.