Sweden: Fans around the world party with Melodifestivalen

by Gil Laufer 78 views

The Swedish national selection, the Melodifestivalen, is known for having fans around the world. Yesterday, a few dozens of fans took part in a special tribute evening to Fredrik Kempe’s songs which took part in the competition throughout the years. The event was organized by OGAE Sweden.

The party was held in the Hard Rock Café in Stockholm, and after all Fredrik’s 27 have been played, the voting phase began in order to decide which songs are his best. The top 5 were:

  1. Sarah Dawn FinerMoving on (2009)
  2. Sanna Nielsen Undo (2014)
  3. Måns Zelmerlöw Cara mia (2007)
  4. Charlotte PerrelliHero (2008)
  5. Alcazar – Blame it on the disco (2014)

Furthermore, if you happen to be in Tel Aviv, Israel tonight, you might want to come and watch the final show on a big screen and dance to the tunes of Melodifestivalen and Eurovision hits with the Euphoria Tel Aviv party line. The event begins at 19:00 local time, entrance fee 20 ILS. Check out the event’s page on facebook here.