Result: 24 entries proceed to Moldovan semifinals

by Helio Qendro 102 views

After a long Saturday for the Moldovan jury, we now have the 24 names who will participate in the semifinals held the 11th and 13th of March.

The 24 entries were selected by a jury composed of:

  • Anatol Chiriac – composer, president of the jury
  • Valentin Dang – composer
  • Andrei Sava – composer
  • Aliona Triboi – singer, musicologist
  • Alex Calancea – instrumentalist, arranger
  • Ilona Stepan – conductor
  • Nelly Ciobanu – singer
  • Igor Cobîleanschi – director
  • Tatiana Postolachi – lyricist
  • Ludmila Stepanov invited as a notary

The 24 entries:

  1. Diana Brescan Hallelujah
  2. Margarita & Metaphor   Dream
  3. PARALLEL 47   Scraps
  4. Carolina Oak   Turn the Tide
  5. Lucia S   Frozen
  6. Curly Your   Recovery
  7. Ana Cernicova   Divine Love
  8. Rodica Olişevschi   Without you
  9. Alina Sorochin   Listen, silence
  10. Diana Staver   One and all
  11. Vlad Ray   Freedom
  12. Mikaella   Follow your dreams
  13. Lana Lights   Solar wind
  14. Aurel chirtoacă   Traces of love
  15. EDICT   Forever
  16. Cristina Scarlat   Wild Soul
  17. Herman Doiniţa   Energy
  18. LIGHT FLUX   Never stop no
  19. Felicia Dunaf   The Way I Do
  20. Anna Gulko   Happy tomorrow
  21. Dana Markitan   Queen of the dancefloor
  22. Tatiana Heghea   I’m yours
  23. Boris Covali   Flying
  24. Glam Girls   You Believed in Me


12 entries will compete in each semi-final for a chance to proceed to the final held on 15th of March.

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