Bulgaria: The story behind the 3 potential songs

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BNT, the Bulgarian national television revealed the 3 entries that will compete at the 2013 Bulgarian song selection yesterday.

Esctoday.com in collaboration with BNT ( Bulgarian National Television) bring you the story behind the 3 competing songs. You can listen to the songs here

The story behind

The Bulgarian 2013 Eurovision Elitsa Todorova and Stoyan Yankulov presented the songs that will participate in the Bulgarian national selection this year,  for the first time yesterday on BNT’s  Nedelya х 3 show.

The three songs’ main advantage is that they greatly differ in energy, unconventional sound and emotion from the traditional stream of songs presented at the contest until now.  The sequence of the songs’ performance was determined by a draw, and different guest performers feature in the songs. Each of the three pieces is a serious Bulgarian requisition for a strong and competitive song for the big music contest – Eurovision.

The first song performed by Elitsa and Stoyan is called Dzupaj, libe boso. The music is by Elitsa Todorova and Tsvetelin Groudanski –Djami (Jahmmi Youth), the arrangement – by Stoyan Yankulov and Alexander Deyanov – Skiller. The song is dynamic, joyful, vital and playful, hinting at the national folklore depths with the canto of Elitsa Topdorova. The masterly beat-box methods of the world champion Alexander Deyanov – Skiller, intertwined in the rhythm of percussion instruments played by Stoyan Yankulov, create a unique “distinctive colour” of the song.

The music of the second piece is by Elitsa Todorova and the vocal group Bistrihskite Babi, and the arrangement is by Stoyan Yankulov and the Argentinean DJ Jonathan Tesey Kintar. Kismet is a contemporary and modern song in the well established chillout style, and is professionally presented by Stoyan and Elitsa, with the ethnic elements, typical for the duo. The mix between the two radically different elements makes it notable and distinguishing, and the skillfully intertwining authentic folklore vocals of Petio Kostadinov increase the feeling of intransience.

The third song was writen by Elitsa Todorova and Kristiyan Talev-Krisko, and the arrangement was done by Stoyan Yankulov and Kristiyan Talev-Krisko. Samo Shampioni is a striking and rhythmical song, carrying explosive emotional charge. Perfect drum arrangement by Stoyan Yankulov, typical melody of Bulgarian bagpipe by Petio Kostadinov and and the impressive vocals by Elitsa work together well  in this song.

The committee of BNT selected these three songs out of five. The selected pieces are made in the well-known and characteristic style of Elitsa and Stiyan. The songs have ethnic elements, skillfully mixed with modern sound and active participation of unique percussion instruments. The pieces are different in mood and impact, and this makes them recognizable and will help the viewers and the jury to make a choice depending on their musical criteria and preferences.

In the next two weeks Dzupaj, Libe Boso, Kismet and Samo Shampioni will be accessible for viewing and listening through the broadcasts of BNT, BNR and BG RADIO, as well as on the Internet. On 3 March, in a prime-time TV show of the public television, the vote of the audience and of a special jury will determine the Bulgarian song for Eurovision 2013.

Bulgaria debuted at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2005 and is yet to win the event. The country’s best placing at the Eurovision Song Contest was in 2007, when they achieved a 5th placing with Voda!

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Photographs courtesy: BNT