Italy: Marco Mengoni releases the Eurovision version of ‘Due Vite’

by Sanjay (Sergio) Jiandani 1,457 views

Marco Mengoni, the 2023 Italian Eurovision hopeful, has released the Eurovision version of his entry ‘Due Vite’, which has been revamped and shortened to comply with the EBU’s rules and regulations.

Marco Mengoni will be singing the Eurovision version of his Sanremo 2023 winning entry ‘Due Vite‘ in Liverpool. The song has been released by Sony Music Italy and has been composed and produced by Davide Simonetta, whilst Davide Petrella has penned the entry.

We will see Marco Mengoni singing a special Eurovision version of his Saremo 2023 winning entry ‘Due Vite‘. The song’s original version is 3:40 minutes long, thus in order to comply with the EBU’s rules and regulations the song has been shortened to 3 minutes.

Marco Mengoni was crowned the winner of the 73rd edition of Festival di Sanremo with his epic entry ‘Due Vite‘. He won the competition exactly 10 years after his first Sanremo victory. The multi faceted Italian artist will be representing Italy at the Eurovision Song Contest for the second time come May.

Italy in Eurovision

Italy is one of the founder members of the Eurovision Song Contest having debuted in the very first contest in 1956. The country has won the event thrice with Gigliola Cinquetti (1964), Toto Cutugno (1990) and Maneskin (2021).

The country has been represented at the Eurovision Song Contest by its most celebrated and internationally acclaimed artists throughout its Eurovision history: Ana Oxa, Domenico Modugno, Albano, Romina Power, Franco Batiatto, Umberto Tozzi, Matia Bazar, Marco Mengoni, Emma Marrone, Il VoloFrancesco Gabbani, Raphael Gualazzi, Massimo Ranieri, Ricardo Fogli, Mahmood etc.

Italy withdrew from the competition in 1998 and returned to Eurovision in 2011 after a 13 year hiatus. Since their return to the contest the Italians have enjoyed great success in the event placing 9 times in the top 10 of the scoreboard including a victory in 2021.

The southern European country has partaken 47 times in Europe’s favourite television show.

In 2022 Mahmood and Blanco represented Italy at the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest in Turin with their entry ‘Brividi‘ achieving an honourable 6th placing in the Grand Final.