United Kingdom: Is the BBC eyeing to host Eurovision 2023 in Glasgow?

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The Eurovision rumour and rejoinders mill is buzzing since Ukraine won the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest in Turin. The big question amongst the Eurovsision fan fraternity is ‘Where will the 2023 Eurovision  Song Contest take place?’ due to the current events afflicting Ukraine.

There has been much speculation regarding the 2023 Eurovision host city and host country ever since Ukraine stormed to victory at the 2022 Eurovision in Italy. The ongoing war in Ukraine and the safety and security of the competing countries, delegations and artists is a high priority for both the EBU and the Eurovision organizers.

Ukraine sets first stone to host Eurovision 2023…

Yesterday the Ukrainian national broadcaster UA:PBC announced that Ukraine had taken the first steps to hold the competition on home soil next year. But will it be feasible for the competition to travel to Ukraine next year?

The Ukrainian Eurovision Committee and UA:PBC have handed in a security and safety questionaire to the EBU, but due to the current situation afflicting Ukraine hosting a mega event like the Eurovision Song Contest can be quite challenging.

Glasgow 2023?

The Ovo Hydro Arena in Glasgow (Glasgow Live)

The British media and tabloids have started speculating that the BBC could be looking into hosting the contest in Glasgow next year in the event that Ukraine is unable to host the competition next year.

The OVO Hydro Arena in Glasgow is conspicously free from 25 April- 27 May ie hinting that it could have been pre blocked for Eurovision. Then again this could be wishful thinking..

Eurovision fans have started buzzing and speculating on Glasgow’s chances…

The venue is free for 5 weeeks, there are only 3 events scheduled in April and 1 event scheduled in May. The Eurovision venue is required to be free for 6-8 weeks in order to host the event. The Eurovision Song Contest is mainly held in mid May. With the pontential dates for ESC 2023 being 9,11, 13 May or 16, 18, 20 May we could very well assume that the OVO Hydro could be a pontential option to host the event and the 3 initially scheduled events at the venue in April could be postponed or rescheduled.

The Glasgow Ovo Hydro opened its doors in 2013 and can accomodate circa 14,000 spectators. Notably the venue featured in the Eurovision movie: Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga.

Will BBC to step in case Ukraine resigns its right to host?

Earlier this week RTVE’s President Mr. Tornero stated that Spain had dropped the idea of hosting Eurovision 2023 in the event if Ukraine would be unable to host the event and went on to say that if this were to happen the competition would be organized by the BBC.

It is early days yet to know if Ukraine will get to host the forthcoming 2023 Eurovision Song Contest due to the hardships and afflictions the country is facing due to the ongoing war.

The EBU usually announces the Eurovision host city between July-October. We will have to wait and see how events develop in the coming months.

Ukraine won the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest in Turin with Kalush Band’s ‘Stefania‘, thus bringing the coveted Eurovision trophy home for the third time. Kyiv has hosted the competition twice (2005, 2017).


Source: The Sun/ The Scottish Daily Express
Photo credit: hmn.wiki