Spain: RTVE will not host ESC 2023: will the BBC step in if Ukraine declines?

by Sanjay (Sergio) Jiandani 1,256 views

RTVE’s President Mr. José Manuel Pérez Tornero has shed some light on the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest and on Spain’s initial wish to host the competition in the event that Ukraine would not be able to host the competition.

Speaking to El Faro de Vigo, the president of RTVE, Mr. Jose Manuel Perez Tornero revealed  that Spain will not host Eurovision 2023 if Ukraine declines hosting the event, hence the BBC would step in and host the competition then. He went on to mention that RTVE and Spain will be putting all their forces and energies in winning the competition next year.

Mr. Tornero told El Faro de Vigo:

We don’t want to stay with the mirage of just one good result, we will be working on winning the next time. We were willing to host Eurovision, but if Ukraine finally declines, it will be the BBC who will host the competition.

RTVE was quite keen to organize the event next year, having made an announcement shortly after the Eurovision 2022 Grand Final. It seems that the Spanish national broadcaster has dropped the idea and will be concentrating on winning the competition next year and then hosting it.

It is early days yet to know if Ukraine will get to host the forthcoming 2023 Eurovision Song Contest due to the hardships and afflictions the country is facing due to the ongoing war.

UA:PBC and Ukraine are both willing to host the competition next year and have started their first meetings with the EBU regarding Eurovision 2023.

Both the EBU and the BBC remain tight lipped regarding this matter and have not made any comments or official statements. The Reference Group had their first meeting after Eurovision 2022 in Geneva earlier this week.

The EBU usually announces the Eurovision host city between July-October. We will have to wait and see how events develop in the coming months.

Photo credit: RTVE