Eurovision 2022: The EBU releases the ‘Live On Tape’ performances [UPDATED]

by Sanjay (Sergio) Jiandani 1,235 views

The EBU has started to publish the Eurovision 2022 ‘Live On Tape’ peformances on the official Eurovision Youtube channel.

The ‘Live On Tape’ performances were introduced at Eurovision last year due to the ongoing COVID 19 pandemic in order to safeguard the participation of the competing countries.

The ‘Live On Tape’ performances are recorded prior to the Eurovsision Song Contest in order to guarantee that both the country and artist will partake in the competition in the event that the competing act is unable to perform on the live show.

The EBU statement reads:

In the months prior to the 2022 Contest, each participating country was required to film and submit a Live-On-Tape performance of their entry.

This would be used in the unfortunate event of an artist not being able to make it to rehearsals in Turin to record a back-up performance, which in turn would have been used should the artist not have been able to perform on the night of the live show they were competing in.

It is a safeguard to ensure that each country would still be able to compete at the Eurovision Song Contest; a safeguard which was introduced last year due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The EBU has started to release the Live On Tape performances of the 2022 ESC competing countries, we should note that some of the countries have decided not to release their Live On Tape performances. Over the course of the next two 10 days the EBU will be releasing the LOT performances on its official Youtube Channel.

Check out the first set of the Eurovision 2022 Live On Tape performances:








Photo credit: RTS/EBU