Bookies’ Round-up 2021 : Italy Still Leads as Top Ten Evolves

by Richard West-Soley 3,382 views

The arrival of a superstar rapper and sad news from the Icelandic delegation have added to the first semifinal stir-up today, creating further shuffle bookies’ odds to win this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.

After a brief leap back into second favourite, France regains the silver spot, perhaps as a consequence of Malta’s first half draw in Tuesday night’s winner’s press conference. Italy remains in lead position.

Ukraine is now fourth favourite, a little way behind Malta, with Switzerland re-entering the top five just below. Iceland, the former fourth favourite, now drifts into sixth position in aggregated odds across bookies. Troubling news of a positive Covid test in the delegation and the subsequent decision to use rehearsal footage in the live shows appears to have prompted the lengthening. All fans will be wishing the team a swift recovery and all the best in the contest under such difficult and disappointing circumstances.

Bulgaria hangs on in seventh place, but just below, we have a new top ten favourite: San Marino. News of the arrival of Flo Rida provides a positive PR boost for the team, and the subsequent leap with the bookies reflects a newly heightened confidence. Adrenalina lies just ahead of Cyprus and Lithuania, completing the top ten.

The full top table of favourites to win is as follows, just one night before the second semifinal:

1. Italy
2. France
3. Malta
4. Ukraine
5. Switzerland
6. Iceland
7. Bulgaria
8. San Marino
9. Cyprus
10. Lithuania