Latvia: 33 potential Supernova 2019 songs presented

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Latvia is gearing up for its national selection Supernova as 33 songs were selected by the professional jury.

The 2019 edition of Latvia’s selection Supernova is well on its way: 33 hopeful artists were selected during the professional jury session. Out of these potentials, 16 will eventually be chosen by the jury and the public to partake in the semi-finals of Supernova 2019, vying for a ticket to Tel Aviv.

Selection process

Broadcaster LTV (Latvijas Televīzija) initially received 83 submissions for the national selection, 64 of which complied with all the rules and were subsequently evaluated by a jury consisting of representatives of the Universal Music Group and leading Latvian radio stations. The jury selected the songs without knowing the authors, producers or performing artists.

The final 33 selected potentials went on to perform their entries at a private jury session, being evaluated by Supernova 2019 producer Ilze Jansone, director of the Latvian Music Development Society Agnese Cimuška-Rekke, director of Radio SWH, producer and musician Artis Dvarionas, and music producer DJ Rudd.

Ilze Jansone stated in advance:

As the regulations of this year stipulate that we only accept finished songs, not demo versions, which should already be known to all songwriters and a particular team at the time of the application, we expect a smaller number of applications, because the completion of the song requires a serious contribution and a lot of work.

Familiar and fresh

Among the 33 selected artists are familiar names such as Markus Riva, Samanta Tina and Edgars Kreilis, alongside other musical veterans and fresh newcomers. With a lot of diversity, Supernova promises to showcase the versatility of the Latvian music scene.

People’s jury

The 33 songs may also be scrutinized by the public, as the People’s Jury may vote for their favourite songs. Sign in with a social media account and cast your vote here.

The definite participants of Supernova 2019 will be revealed by LTV on 5 December 2018. The first semi-final of Supernova 2019 is set for 26 January 2019.

Enjoy all the jury performances of the 33 potentials here:

Latvia at Eurovision 2018

At the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 in Lisbon, Portugal, Latvia was represented by Latvian-Brazilian singer-songwriter Laura Rizzotto and her song Funny girl. She unfortunately did not go through to the Grand Final, placing 12th with 106 points in semi-final 2.