The Netherlands: Waylon and Bibi welcome baby daughter Teddy into the world

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Two-time Eurovision participant Waylon has become the father of a lovely baby girl.

Congratulations for Dutch country outlaw Waylon and his partner, celebrity vlogger Bibi Breijman: they have become the parents of a baby daughter! Teddy Bijkerk was born on Saturday 24 November 2018 and the couple have officially confirmed their start into parenthood.

Waylon shared pictures of him and Bibi with little Teddy on his social media, together with a text by Dutch lyricist and singer Harrie Jekkers and a statement:

Geplaatst door Waylon Music op Maandag 26 november 2018

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Het Lied van de Ooievaar Ratata ! Retteketet ! Welkom kleine nieuwe, je bent er nog maar net. Retteketet !  Ratatata ! Het leven gaat beginnen loop je neus maar achterna. Er wordt van je gehouden, daar kan je van op aan. En er is niemand kwaad op jou, want tja…je hebt nog niks gedaan. Ratata ! Retteketet ! Welkom kleine nieuwe je bent er nog maar net. En ik heb maar 1 advies dus kleine nieuwe opgelet: Da’s Ratata en Retteketet ! ‪Harrie Jekkers ‬ Onze liefde heeft zich vermenigvuldigd op 24-11-2018 met de geboorte van onze dochter Teddy Bijkerk. Wij zijn de aankomende periode moeilijk te bereiken en vragen uw respect (media) Laat ons van dit geluk genieten… Aan alle lieve mensen van het Bronovo ziekenhuis Den Haag, in het bijzonder Nicole, voor hun kunde en liefde! Het was magisch✨ @bibibreijman Jij bent magie! Ik hou van jou @dylanjonguh Jij bent de liefste grote broer die ze zich kan wensen. We zijn samen nu en dat is wat telt. Ik heb veel meer dan ik ooit had kunnen dromen maar dat mogen ze me allemaal afnemen. Dit is mijn geluk, Ik ben hun en zij zijn mij. Ik ga me uit m’n naad genieten! #TLC #TeddyLovesCompany

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The Song of the Stork

Ratata! Retteketet!

Welcome little new one, you have just arrived

Retteketet! Ratatata!

Life is about to start, so follow your nose

You are loved, you can count on that

And nobody is angry with you because, you know, you haven’t done anything yet

Ratata! Retteketet!

Welcome little new one, you have just arrived

And I only have one advice, so little new one please take note:

That’s Ratata and Retteketet!

Our love has multiplied on 24-11-2018 with the birth of our daughter Teddy Bijkerk.

We will be difficult to reach in this period, and ask for your respect (media). Let us enjoy this luck…

To all the sweet people at the Bronovo Hospital in The Hague, especially Nicole, for their skill and love! It was magical!

I am going to enjoy this so much! X

The artist added a special message for Bibi and his teenage son from a previous relationship, Dylan:

Bibi Breijman you are magic! I love you. Dylan, you are the sweetest big brother she could have wished for. We are together now and that’s what counts. I have much more than I could have ever dreamed of, but they can take that all away from me. This is my happiness, I am them and they are me. I am going to enjoy this so much! TLC, TeddyLovesCompany.

Bibi shared on her Instagram:

Welcome to the world dear Teddy, we love you! congratulates Waylon, Bibi, Dylan and their family with the birth of their own little outlaw Teddy!

Waylon at Eurovision

Waylon (born Willem Bijkerk, Apeldoorn, 1980) is one of the most popular male singers of the Netherlands, also having achieved considerable international success.

In 2014 he represented his country alongside Ilse DeLange as guest vocalist of her country collective The Common Linnets at the Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen, Denmark. With their haunting country ballad Calm after the storm they won semi-final 1 and eventually honourably placed 2nd in the Grand Final with 238 points.

Waylon returned to the Eurovision stage as a solo artist at the ESC 2018 in Lisbon, Portugal. Performing the gritty country rock anthem Outlaw in ’em, he reached the 18th place in the Grand Final, receiving 121 points.



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