Finland: The Saara Aalto Domino effect hits ESCToday

by Michalis Vranis 1,816 views

Everything is set for tomorrow’s presentation of the second UMK participating song, Domino, and the Saara Aalto domino effect has already started. Watch below Saara giving information about her song.

The domino effect kicked off few hours ago while Saara took over various Eurovision media. On the video previews she shared with the community, she talks about her Domino song and its video clip. Starting off with Wiwibloggs, Saara gave extensive information about the concept behind the video clip of Domino.

The effect continues with another video of Saara Aalto talking about the message behind Domino. Check her talking about it on Eurovoxx.

And then it was the composer’s time

The Eurovision world is falling under the Domino effect and ESCToday couldn’t be left out. The song was written by Thomas G:Son and his team in Sweden. Saara explains that she also participated in the song writing. Check our exclusive video

The song is expected to be released tomorrow, 16 February and it will be the second out of the three participating songs in UMK 2018. So far, Monsters has been released and has been watched already by half million viewers on Youtube.

Back in December, Saara Aalto sent her Xmas wishes to the readers of ESCToday and on her video message revealed info about her journey so far.

Saara Aalto Season's Greetings to ESCToday readers

A special New Year's greeting from Saara Aalto for ESCToday #Eurovision

Geplaatst door ESCToday op zondag 31 december 2017


Have you watched the sneak peak of Domino already?